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What is a hot melt silk in Egypt? What are the uses of hot melt silks?

November 29,2022

What is a Hot melt silk ?

Hot-melt filament, also known as low-melting fiber, is one of the functional fibers that has developed rapidly in recent melt silk yarn is divided into two types: polyester hot melt silk yarn and nylon hot melt silk yarn. The melting point can be controlled between 85°C and 180°C by adjusting the characteristics of raw materials. At room temperature, the hot melt silk yarn and other fibers are woven into a fabric, and then under dry heat or moist heat, pressure is applied to the fabric. When the temperature is higher than the melting point of the hot melt silk yarn,  the hot melt silk yarn gradually melts. At this temperature, the conventional other fibers remain unchanged and are thus bonded together by the hot melt silk. Therefore, the hot melt silk can replace chemical adhesives such as glue, avoid the pollution of volatiles and powder layers, and be environmentally friendly and non-toxic; at the same time, it saves the process flow and reduces the downstream production cost.

The use of hot melt silk

At present, hot melt silk yarn is widely used in outdoor sports shoe uppers, casual shoe uppers, sofa fabrics, curtain screens, carbon fiber fabrics, chenille yarns, Bondi threads, high-end suit linings, lace and glove overlock yarns, etc. It is a high-tech product with huge market prospects.




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