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What is Rubber Covered Yarn?

September 18,2023

rubber covered yarn is a type of yarn that is covered by a rubber thread, usually consisting of a rubber core and a shell. This construction gives it the elastic properties of rubber with the strength and durability of yarn. The rubber core can be natural rubber or synthetic rubber, and the shell can be a variety of different types of yarn, including cotton, nylon, polyester, etc.

Manufacturing process

The process of making rubber covered yarn is relatively complex and usually involves the following steps:

1. Rubber wire core preparation: First, the rubber wire core is prepared into a shape suitable for coating. This usually involves covering a hollow pipe or wire core with a rubber material by extrusion or coating.

2. Yarn cover: Once the rubber core is ready, the next step is to wrap the yarn around the rubber core. This can be done by rotation, coating, or other techniques.

3. Thermal curing: In order to ensure good adhesion between rubber and yarn, it is usually necessary to carry out a thermal curing process. This allows the shell of the rubber covered yarn to be closely integrated with the inner core, producing powerful comprehensive properties.

Application field

Rubber covered yarn has a wide range of applications in a variety of fields, including:

1. Textile industry: rubber covered yarn is often used in the manufacture of socks, elastic fabrics, belts, ropes, etc., because of their excellent elasticity and wear resistance.

2. Medical industry: Medical elastic bands and bandages usually use rubber covered yarn to provide medical support and fixation.

3. Automotive industry: In car seats and seat belts, rubber covered yarn is used to provide additional elasticity and comfort.

4. Sporting goods: Many sporting goods, such as elastic materials, tennis racket strings, golf club grips, etc., also use rubber covered yarn to enhance performance.


Advantages of rubber covered yarn

1. Excellent elasticity: rubber gives this yarn excellent elastic properties, allowing it to quickly stretch and return to its original state. This makes it very useful in products that require elasticity and resilience, such as elastic fabrics, socks, bandages, etc.

2. Wear resistance: The shell of rubber covered yarn provides additional wear resistance, making it perform well in highly worn environments. This means that it can maintain its performance and appearance for longer.

3. Versatility: Due to the wide variety of shell yarns and rubbers available, rubber covered yarn has a wide range of versatility. Different types of rubber covered yarn can be selected according to specific needs to meet different application fields.

4. Superior comfort: For products that require a tight fit to the skin or body, such as elastic bandages or underwear, rubber covered yarn provides excellent comfort. It ensures a tight fit without causing discomfort.

5. Durability: rubber covered yarn generally has a long service life because its shell provides an extra layer of protection, reducing the possibility of wear and breakage of the yarn.

6. Customization: Manufacturers can customize according to the needs of specific projects and choose different types of rubber covered yarn to obtain the required performance and characteristics.


Overall, rubber covered yarn represents an important innovation in textile technology that combines the properties of rubber with the versatility of yarn, opening up entirely new opportunities and solutions for a variety of industries. Whether in textile manufacturing, healthcare or the automotive industry, this material has shown great potential and will continue to lead future trends.

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