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What is Lycra spandex yarn?

November 22,2023

Characteristics of lycra

Lycra  It is widely used in clothing fabrics with the characteristics of high elasticity. It is mainly used for manufacturing tights, sportswear, protective belts, and soles. Its varieties can be divided into warp elastic fabric, weft elastic fabric, and warp weft elastic fabric according to use needs.It can greatly improve the elasticity and extensibility of the fabric.The best advantage of  spandex is its good resilience after stretching.Unlike traditional elastic fibers, it can stretch up to 500 percent and recover.It does not change the appearance of the fabric and is an invisible fiber that greatly improves the properties of the fabric.


Advantages of Lycra

1. Extremely elastic and not easy to deform

Lycra can enhance the elasticity of fabrics and add unique advantages to clothing: snug, comfortable fit, freedom of movement, and long-term shape retention.

2. Lycra can be used for any fabric

Lycra can be used in cotton knitted fabrics, double-sided wool fabrics, silk poplin, nylon fabrics, and various cotton fabrics.

3. Comfort of Lycra

Leica's clothing is characterized by comfortable fit and freedom of movement, which meets the needs of people in contemporary society for clothing.

4. The influence of Lycra on style

Close fitting clothing does not feel tight; Clothing has a degree of tension and closure, fits without restraint, and has better drapability; Children's clothing is even more energetic and can jump freely after wearing.

5. Design features of Lycra

Regardless of the loose or narrow body design, the same comfortable and natural; There are no wrinkles, nor are they too loose, and they fit perfectly, fully embodying a simple aesthetic feeling; Enjoy yourself at all times.


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