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What is FDY?

September 12,2023

FDY, fully drawn yarn, fully drawn yarn.

The winding yarn with high orientation and medium crystallinity can be obtained by introducing the stretching effect in the spinning process, which is a fully drawn yarn. Conventional polyester and nylon full stretch silk, are chemical fiber filament. FDY fabrics have a smooth, soft feel and are often used to make silk fabrics. It is widely used in clothing and home textiles.

FDY is mostly used in silk and other fabrics, feel smooth and soft, DTY low elastic silk and DTY network silk are often used in sports fabrics. FDY is mainly used in clothing and textile industry; DTY is an ideal raw material for knitting (weft knitting, warp knitting) or machine weaving. It is suitable for the production of clothing fabrics (such as suits, shirts), bedding (such as quilt, bedspread, mosquito net) and decorative items (such as curtain fabric, sand cloth, wall cloth, automobile interior decoration cloth). The fine denier silk (especially the three-leaf special-shaped silk) is more suitable for Imitation silk fabric, thick denier silk can do wool-like fabric.


In order to eliminate the luster of the fiber, the section containing anatase titanium dioxide (TiO2) is used to reduce the luster of the fiber. If there is no T iO2 in the slice, it is a luminous filament (or a large luminous filament), and 0.3% titanium dioxide is a semi-dull filament, and 1% is a fully dull filament. To get a colored FDY, you can either add the masterbatch during spinning or put the finished silk into the dye bucket for dyeing.

FDY: Fully drawn silk. It has nothing to do with the production process, but it is now widely spread, and it is used as the code of the one-step process of spinning and drawing, which can be used for low-speed spinning and high-speed drawing and winding, and the two processes are completed on a spinning and drawing combined machine. This production line has low production cost, stable quality of finished products, less broken hair and good dyeing uniformity.


There are two kinds of raw materials for the processing of domestic nylon FDY filament, Generally using nylon slicing processing into nylon particles and then drawing, while the other production process is directly using nylon slicing yarn.

Identification of rayon, silk, polyester silk: rayon shiny bright, feel a little rough, and cold feeling, with the hand after the release, more wrinkles, flat still have marks, pull out the cloth with tongue wet kneading, rayon stretch easy to break, broken, dry and wet elastic is not the same. Soft silk luster, soft feel, fine texture, rubbing each other can make a special sound, commonly known as "silk singing" or "silk singing", with the hand after the release, wrinkles are less and not obvious, silk dry and wet elastic consistent. Polyester silk reflective strong, stiffness, rapid rebound, crisp, good wrinkle resistance, strong, not easy to break.

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