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What is ACY-2

September 05,2023

Spandex elasticity is an important process parameter in the spinning process of spandex covered yarn, which affects the elasticity of spandex covered yarn and fabrics, as well as the strength, elongation, uniformity and creep properties of spandex covered yarn.  If the predraft rate of spandex is too small, the elasticity of the elastic fabric cannot be fully utilized. When the draft is too high, it is difficult to spin, easy to cause yarn break and product quality decline; In addition, the percentage of spandex covered yarn will also affect. spandex covered yarn has high elasticity, high content and good elasticity.


The strength and elongation of ACY increase with the increase of the predraft ratio of spandex. After stretching spandex covered yarn to a certain value, the contraction of spandex wire causes the outer fiber to curl. The content of spandex is reduced and the crimp degree of outer fiber is large by increasing the predraft ratio appropriately. However, when the draft is too large, the deformation range of Spandex Yarn is close to the critical value of deformation, which will reduce the strength and elongation of spandex covered yarn, but is beneficial to the uniformity of spandex covered yarn.

The phenomenon of deformation changing with time under constant tension is called creep.

When spandex covered yarn is prestretched 3.5 times, traditional spandex covered yarn has better creep resistance. In particular, appropriate adjustments should be made according to the purpose and style of the downstream fabric.

In addition to the draft ratio of spandex required in air-covered yarns, another important process parameter is twist. Twist affects the quality, strength and evenness of the yarn. Adding twist increases the cohesion between the outer fiber and spandex yarn, which improves the strength of spandex covered yarn. If the twist is too low, the outer fiber will loosen, which will affect the coating effect and cause the core to be exposed. 

Therefore, during the mechanical coating process, the distortion should be high. However, the twist is too high, the fabric feels hard, and the drape is poor. Usually, the twist is adjusted according to the denier of the yarn and the pattern of the fabric. The elongation of the machine bag also depends mainly on the performance of spandex covered yarn. The twist is too large, the outer fiber coating is too tight. On the contrary, the elastic effect of the silk cannot be fully developed, which reduces the elongation.

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