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What are the uses of spandex yarn?

March 15,2023

What are the uses of Spandex Yarn?

Spandex yarn is used to produce many types of fabrics. It is a synthetic fiber with properties such as tensile, air permeability and strength. Spandex yarn can be produced by a variety of methods, including melt extrusion, reaction spinning, and solution dry spinning. Any fiber fabric as long as the addition of spandex, comfort and softness, drape will be greatly improved, in T-shirts, dresses, knitted pants, sportswear, swimsuits, underwear and Socks will use spandex.


Spandex can be produced through a number of manufacturing processes, but the most common method is solution dry spinning. In this process, the prepolymers react with ethylene glycol and isovanadate to form the polymer skeleton of the spandex fiber. The resulting solution is diluted with a solvent and pumped into the rotating cell. It is then twisted with compressed air to form solid fibers, which are then finished with magnesium stearate or other similar chemicals. When these fibers are woven into fabric, they stretch to 5-8 times their normal size.


What is elastic cotton material?

Knitted cotton fabrics usually use spandex elastic fibers to give the fabric a certain degree of elasticity. Elastic fabrics containing spandex can be divided into warp elastic, weft elastic and warp and weft elastic. Elastic cotton fabrics generally stretch 10%-100%, and the content of spandex in fabrics is about 3%-20%. Elastic cotton fabric texture supreme quality, comfortable skin-friendly fabric, spandex cotton fabric, wearing more elastic. Common elastic cotton fabrics include cotton spandex sweatcloth, cotton spandex double-sided cloth, cotton spandex bead floor cloth and so on.


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