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Top3 The Advantages Of RCY For Socks

February 01,2024

The Advantages Of RCY For Socks

1. Excellent elasticity:

The rubber filament core gives the yarn excellent elastic properties, enabling it to quickly stretch and return to its original shape. This makes it very useful in products that require elasticity and resilience, such as elastic fabrics, Socks, bandages, etc.

2. Wear resistance:

The rubber covered yarn housing provides additional wear resistance, making it perform well in highly abrasive environments. This means that it can maintain its performance and appearance for longer.

3. Versatility:

Due to the wide variety of shell yarns and rubber cores available, rubber covered yarn have a wide range of versatility. Different types of rubber and yarn can be selected according to specific needs to meet different application areas.

4. Superior comfort:

For products that require a tight fit to the skin or body, such as elastic bandages or underwear, rubber covered yarn provides excellent comfort. It ensures a tight fit without causing discomfort.

5. Durability:

Rubber covered yarn generally have a long service life because their housing provides an additional layer of protection, reducing the possibility of wear and breakage of the yarn.

6. Customization:

Manufacturers can customize according to the needs of specific projects, choosing different types of rubber and yarn to obtain the desired performance and characteristics.


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