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Top 3 chinese supplier Webbing knitting for High elastic nylon yarn and high elastic polyester yarn

January 16,2024

Top 3 chinese supplier Webbing knitting for high elastic nylon yarn and high elastic polyester yarn

Nylon webbing is a carrier for moving large objects. But how to choose nylon webbing?

They are less likely to scratch or stain the contents inside. They have a long service life, and they have many features, such as mildew-proof, antibacterial, moisture-proof, strong wear resistance, etc. And because of its good elasticity, it is mainly used for lifting slings and shrink belts. Nylon webbing is also a popular choice for hiking and many types of applications. Imitation nylon webbing is often widely used in the transportation industry for fastening devices, various binding straps, cargo lifting straps, traction ropes, ratchet straps, etc. due to its high tensile strength.


The characteristics of nylon webbing:

1. Not affected by grease and oil.
2. It has good corrosion resistance.
3. Nylon webbing should not be used in acidic or bleached environments.
When the temperature exceeds 194 ° F, it may not be suitable for use, but in extreme cases it is durable.
5. The elongation is around 10% and the elasticity is good.
6. It has a shock-absorbing effect.


Nylon webbing:

Nylon webbing has a wide variety of types and is widely used in industrial sectors such as handbags, luggage, pets, clothing, shoes, bags, industry, agriculture, and transportation. The ribbon of the 1930s was handcrafted in workshops, producing exquisite ribbon images. The raw materials are cotton and hemp thread. Nylon straps are specially treated to be fire-resistant, waterproof, UV resistant, antibacterial, mold resistant, and UV resistant. Long term exposure to sunlight will not cause discoloration, aging, or mold. Smooth surface, water droplets falling on the surface of the ribbon will automatically slide down; Fire prevention, prohibit open flames or automatic extinguishing of open flames.

Imitation nylon webbing:

Also known as high-strength polyester webbing; Nylon like webbing uses special weaving methods and patterns to make the webbing structure more sturdy, less prone to cracking, and has higher tensile strength; And it has characteristics such as wear resistance, UV resistance, flame retardancy, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance. Tailored according to the customer's usage and strength requirements, mainly used for lifting, loading and unloading, bundling, car safety belts, child stroller safety belts, high-altitude safety belts, lifting slings, trailer straps, guardrail straps, flame retardant belts, etc. The appearance of imitation nylon webbing is similar to that of nylon webbing, with bright colors and a soft feel, giving it a price advantage compared to nylon. Commonly used in seat belts, trailer belts, car seat belts, lifting belts, bundling belts, fire safety belts, lifting belts, high-altitude safety belts, trailer belts, and guardrail belts.

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