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LYCRA fabric

March 20,2023

lycra yarn is a relatively excellent chemical fiber fabric raw materials, lycra fabric is also known as the rack, Spandex cloth, is Germany, Lycra yarn with its excellent elasticity, become an indispensable element in all kinds of fabric products, deeply loved by customers. Today, Lycra yarn is synonymous with almost all spandex fibers. High quality lycra fabric is mainly used in the production of gymnastics clothes, swimsuits, etc. Its excellent characteristics create an ideal platform for designers to carry inspiration, and become one of the popular fabrics in the field of clothing.


Lycra fabric, as an important chemical fiber fabric, has advantages that are difficult to match with other fabrics, youdaoplaceholder7 ️ Good elasticity, not easy to deform is its biggest advantage, whether it is pure lycra fabrics or fabrics blended with other fibers, are very comfortable, has a strong elasticity and recovery, in addition, Lycra fabrics also has a wide range of applications, high comfort, tension, free style design and many other advantages.


Lycra is versatile and can add extra comfort to all types of ready-to-wear, including underwear, tailored outerwear, suits, skirts, trousers, knitwear, etc. It greatly improves the feel, drape and crease recovery ability of the fabric, improves the comfort and fit of all kinds of clothes, so that all kinds of clothes show new vitality, especially the Dupont company and the International wool Board jointly developed Lycra plus wool blend material. For the end of the 20th century and the 21st century textile industry provides a new concept.

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