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How to choose between ACY and SCY

October 07,2023

"ACY" (air covered yarn) is a yarn that draws the outer fiber filament and Spandex filament through a certain type of nozzle at the same time, and is regularly sprayed with highly compressed air to form rhythmic network points. SCY" (Spandex covered yarn) is the continuous rotation of the outer fiber filament and wound on the core silk spandex that is drawn at a constant speed. It is twisted and has a twist (TPM), and the fabric style is smooth and crisp. SCY" (Spandex Covered Yarn) and "ACY" (Air Covered Yarn) have some similarities, but also some differences.


1. Elasticity: Both SCY and ACY have excellent elasticity. Their elasticity comes from the elastic fibers inside (usually spandex or lycra) that make the textile stretchable and resilient.

2. Comfort: Due to their elastic properties, SCY and ACY are generally comfortable to wear and can provide a tight fit.


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