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How about Metallic yarn in China?

December 26,2022

Metallic yarn is a variety of sizes of gilt - plated silver - coated silk thread with a polyester base. The metallic yarn used in the textile industry is a kind of chemical fiber raw material with gold and silver luster film last century The chemical fiber film gold and silver wire developed in the 1990s was made of two layers of butyl acetate novidin film sandwiczed with a layer of aluminum foil and then cut into thin strips. Later, polyester gold and silver wire was made of polyester film by aluminum plating and color coating.

Metallic yarn refers to the physical method of the degree of color PET polyester film cut into very fine silk; Metallic yarn is gold and silver thread + polyester or rayon twisted into fine silk. Because it is mainly made of gold and silver, so it got the name." "Thread" is the customary term, which actually means no twist. In ancient times, metallic yarn is made of thin foil by hand, mounted on thin sheepskin or paper, and then cut into a filament, called "flat gold and silver wire", which is expensive and heavy, thick and hard, easy to wear, easy to color.

However, because the gold and silver wire is physically on the polyester film vacuum plating aluminum or vacuum plating after the color processing. As a result, metallic yarn is chemically unstable and can’t be used like ordinary textile fibers. Aluminum film in gold and silver wire is not alkali resistant, silver film is not acid resistant, silver film contact sulfide will black, stretching or heavy friction will lead to peeling metal coating.


The manufacture and application of metallic yarn has a long history in China. Gold and silver wire (silk) series products using polyester film after vacuum aluminum plating, coating color and other processes into soft texture. Nowadays, it is mainly used in computer embroidery and technological accessories, widely used in crafts, fashion, embroidery, gift packaging and other industries and the processing of woven wool, yarn, knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, clothing accessories, decorative cloth, sand release and other products, is the ideal lining raw materials. The cloth and clothing woven by the processing show a sense of elegance, nobility and gorgeousness. Gorgeous gold and silver thread(metallic yarn), covering M type,MH type,MX type,MS type (computer embroidery thread) series. Widely used in the manufacture of trademarks, wool yarn, knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, webber, woven fabrics, embroidery, socks, accessories, crafts, Christmas supplies, fashion, decorative fabrics, ties, gift packaging and so on.


(1) M type:

The product is made of polyester film by high precision slitter machine directly cut. The color is gorgeous and the luster is dazzling. The color is generally divided into silver, light gold, deep gold, three-color, pearl magic, laser and other colors.
Mainly used in lace, ribbon, trademark, embroidery, knitted socks, scarves, warp knitted cloth, sand release, hair accessories, kitchen washing supplies, etc.

(2) MH type

The products are made of single share gold and silver fillet and polyester, nylon, rayon, rayon or other kinds of yarn twisting. The product is soft and colorful.
The product has a wide variety of colors and is widely used in plain knitting, knitting, cardigan, scarf, knitted Fashion woman socks, Christmas supplies, etc.

(3) L/J type

Also known as embroidery thread, L is made of single share gold and silver silk slice and polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton yarn yarn with a fixed very small spacing twist.
J is made of single share gold and silver filament sliced with polyester yarnnylon yarn,  rayon, cotton yarn and other yarns at a fixed spacing.
Products all columnar shape, good strength. Widely used in computer embroidery, hand embroidery, fishing gear, trademarks, webbing, sweaters, warp knitted fabrics, etc.

(4) MX type

The products are made of single share gold and silver fillet sliced with polyester, nylon, rayon, rayon cotton or other yarns.
Widely used in trademark, warp knitting, ribbon, yarn-dyed, jacquard cloth and so on.

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