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Do you know the six ways yarn can be dyed?

May 22,2023

One: Hank dyeing

The dyeing method of nylon multifilament yarn is converted from nylon multifilament yarn on a spinning machine into a frame connected Hank yarn and then dyed by dipping it in various dyeing machines.

Two: bobbin dyeing

Will nylon multifilament yarn is wound on bobbin covered with holes (the winding density is required to be appropriate and uniform, generally known as "loose drum"), then it is put on the dyeing column (also known as yarn bamboo, ingot rod, insert rod, etc.) of the dyeing airborne yarns (also known as flat plate, hanger, yarn frame, etc.) and put into the bobbin dyeing machine. With the function of the main pump, the dyeing liquid can penetrate and circulate among the bobbin yarns or fibers to realize the upper dyeing The method was bobbin dyeing.


Three: longitude axis dyeing

According to the requirements of color fabric warp hue and quantity, the original yarn is wound on the holed coil to form a loose warp shaft (which can be regarded as a big Bob) in the loose warp warping machine, and then installed on the yarn carrier of the dyeing machine, and put into the warp dyeing machine. With the function of the main pump, the dyeing liquid can penetrate and circulate between the warp yarns or fibers, so as to achieve dip-dyeing and obtain the warp yarn with uniform color Dye the warp axis.

Four: warp shaft dyeing

Warp pad dyeing is mainly used in the production and processing of denim with white weft. It is to introduce a certain amount of thin shaft into each dyeing tank, after repeated multi-dipping, multi-rolling, multiple ventilation oxidation, indigo (or vulcanization, reduction, direct, paint) dye dyeing. After pre-drying and sizing, the warp yarn with uniform color can be obtained, which can be directly used for weaving. The groove of the warp shaft rolling dyeing can be multiple (sheet machine) or one (ring machine). This equipment used in combination with the sizing yarn is called sheet dyeing machine.

Five: yarn bundle dyeing (ball dyeing)

This is also a special dyeing method of denim warp. The dyeing process is to first bundle 400 ~ 500 original yarn into a ball, and then a number of bundles (such as 12 bundles, 18 bundles, 24 bundles, 36 bundles) of yarn in multiple dyeing slots repeatedly polydip, polyroll, multiple air oxidation, indigo dye dyeing, and then warp, sizing. Acrylic bunches can also be rolled.


Six: Special dyeing method of yarn

Just like fabrics, yarns are dyed locally, such as knots, segments, tie-dye, printing, pull-out, and gradient.

1. According to the design requirements, a bar (such as 0.5 ~ 1cm) of color is printed on the laid Hank at every set distance. It can be the same color, but most of it is five colors. It must be noted that the spacing must be irregular and unequal, otherwise there will be "turtle back" or "landscape painting" on the cloth.

2. Section dyeing drops a number of dyes in different parts of the spread Hank at the same time. After vacuuming or rolling, the color is fixed and washed. Compared with the printing section, the color section is longer, the spacing between the white yarn is smaller, and even the adjacent two colors will appear on the yarn "color matching". Segment dyeing yarn is widely used in knitted fabrics.

3. Tie-dye
The part of the skein is tied with rope (or wrapped with plastic film), and then dyed. As a result, the tied part is left blank, the binding part has some color infiltration from deep to light, and the unbound part is evenly colored, and the product has unique charm.

4. Printing (warp printing) This method is generally used to produce warp printing fabric. Printed on the warp pattern (not printed on the weft), the product style is hazy, like flowers. When printing the warp, it can be fake woven first (knitting method is printing before warping, weaving method is warping - fake woven - printing), or it can be printed directly on the warp, such as synthetic fiber warp can be printed on the transfer printing machine.

5. Gradual dyeing (colorful silk) different parts of the Hank yarn (silk) in the dye solution for different times, so that each frame of yarn presented from light to deep gradient color, such as the traditional Chinese embroidery seven-color silk line. In addition, there are half dyeing, spray dyeing, single yarn continuous immersion dyeing.

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