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Different types of Lycra spandex and application

March 27,2023

1. Bare yarn is 100% Lycra spandex yarn.  Generally, we never use the naked yarn directly on the fabric. We just co-produce the bare yarn with rival materials and use special equipment for production. Among the products, 22-78Dtex is the main product.

We often add bare Lycra spandex yarn when making knitwear. We mainly interweave it with nylon yarn or polyester yarn on a knitting machine. Furthermore, the main products are tights, sportswear, swimsuits, stockings, pantyhose waistbands, surgical bandages, socks, cuffs, warp knitted fabrics, paper diapers, etc.


2. The Lycra spandex covered yarn uses Lycra spandex yarn as the core.Then we use inelastic filament or short fiber yarn to wrap the stretched Lycra spandex yarn in a spiral manner. After that ,we got the elstic yarn. According to the number of coating layers and the number of turns per centimetre of the outer layer, we can divide it into single-covered yarn (SCY) and double-covered yarn (DCY).

Covered yarn is a pre-stretched Lycra spandex elastic yarn that passes through the center of a hollow spindle to become the core thread. The yarn or filament on the spindle is evenly spirally wound on the Lycra spandex as an outer covering yarn, and then synchronously wound. The yarn has the characteristics of large elastic elongation (300%-400%), stiff hand feeling, thick yarn count and high strength. We mostly use it for knitting high-elastic fabrics such as socks, weft-knitted underwear, elastic bands, etc. We use covered yarn widely in Lycra spandex processing yarn. It accounts for about 65% of the entire processed yarn type. The outer yarn is mostly polyester, nylon plus elastic or cotton yarn. And We also use polypropylene as the outer yarn.


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