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DTY: From Manufacturing to application

October 08,2023

1. Manufacture of DTY yarn

The manufacturing process for DTY yarns starts with polymer raw materials. The most common raw materials include polyester, nylon and polyamide. These raw materials are first melted and then converted into yarn by a process such as spinneret, extrusion or spinning. Next, the yarn is cooled and wound onto the reel.

The resulting primary yarn then undergoes a stretching process to increase its molecular orientation. This step is the key to DTY yarns, giving the yarn a high degree of elongation and resilience. Finally, the yarn is text processed, usually through a heat setting process with high temperatures and humidity, to ensure it has the desired texture and appearance characteristics.


2. Characteristics of DTY yarn

High elasticity and stretchability: DTY yarns gain a high degree of stretchability during stretching, making them suitable for textiles that require elasticity, such as sportswear and underwear.

Soft and comfortable: The surface of DTY yarn is smooth and soft to the touch, which is suitable for making skin-friendly clothing and bedding.

Wear resistance: DTY yarns generally have a high wear resistance, making them suitable for making durable outdoor gear and work clothes.

Easy dyeing: Due to its polymer structure, DTY yarns absorb dyes easily, allowing for a rich selection of colors.


3. Application field of DTY yarn

Fashion clothing: DTY yarn is used to create stretchy, comfortable fashion clothing such as tights, dresses and slacks.

Home textiles: DTY yarns are popular for their softness and color stability in home textiles such as bedding, curtains and home decorations.

Sports equipment: DTY yarns are commonly used for clothing that requires high stretch and breathability, such as sportswear, fitness wear and bathing suits.

Industrial use: DTY yarn with strong wear resistance is used in industrial use to make tents, overalls, safety belts and so on.

Home textiles: In home textiles such as bed sheets, duvet covers and towels, DTY yarns are often used to provide softness and durability.

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