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Application of DTY yarn in fashion industry

October 10,2023

DTY yarn(Draw Textured Yarn) , as a kind of synthetic fiber, has been widely used in the fashion industry in recent years, becoming the darling of designers and manufacturers. Why are recycle DTY yarn widely used in the fashion industry?

1. Characteristics of recycle DTY yarn

Soft and comfortable: recycle DTY yarn has a soft touch, making it ideal for comfortable wear. This softness is especially important in areas such as underwear, home wear and casual wear.

High elasticity: recycle DTY yarn can maintain good resilience when stretched, which makes the garment more suitable for tight design and stretching.

Moisture absorption: Due to its synthetic fiber properties, recycle DTY yarn can effectively absorb moisture and wrest sweat, maintaining the wearer's comfort.

Rich colors: recycle DTY yarn are easy to dye and can present a rich variety of colors to meet the creative needs of fashion design.


2. The application of recycle DTY yarn in fashion

Underwear and casual wear: The softness and high elasticity of recycle DTY yarn make it the material of choice for underwear, pajamas and home wear. Not only does it provide great comfort, but it also helps to achieve a variety of complex design requirements.

Bodysuits and sportswear: Bodysuits and bodysuits require fabrics that stretch well to accommodate a variety of body shapes and movements. The elasticity of recycle DTY yarn makes them ideal for these areas.

Home textiles: recycle DTY yarn is not only used for clothing, but also widely used to make bedding, curtains and home decorations. Its softness and moisture absorption make home textile products more warm and comfortable.

Fabric and textile design: Fashion designers are increasingly using recycle DTY yarn in fabric design to create unique textures and textural effects.


3. Reasons for the wide application of recycle DTY yarn

DTY yarn are widely used in the fashion industry, mainly due to their advantages such as comfort, flexibility and colorful color options. As consumer demands for quality and comfort in clothing continue to rise, designers are increasingly looking to recycle DTY yarn as an option to meet these needs.

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