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All kinds of mesh cloth and making materials

June 19,2023

Mesh cloth: Mesh cloth is widely used in daily life. The raw materials are generally polyester and nylon, which are characterized by durability and elasticity.

Type of mesh cloth and raw material composition

(a) Bag mesh, bag mesh, golf mesh, supermarket mesh, pet mesh, lawn mower mesh, beach chair mesh, everything bag mesh, dip rubber warp knitted fabric mesh, emery mesh, fishing vest mesh, bucket mesh, shoe top mesh.

(b) UV-resistant mesh cloth, antibacterial mesh cloth, plastic coated mesh cloth, fluorescent mesh cloth, tent mesh cloth, flame retardant mesh cloth, fish mesh cloth.

(c) Training hat mesh, sun hat, big hat mesh, beekeeping hat mesh, shoe hat mesh, baseball cap mesh, cleaning tool mesh, clothing mesh, crib .
The raw materials of this product are polyester (DTYFDY), luminous silk, nylon yarn and so on. We can use various sizes of raw materials to produce products with different weight, width, color, density, hardness and softness, and can add anti-wrinkle, flame retardant, environmental protection and other functions According to customer requirements.


The influence of single mesh yarn on textile products

1. Keep warm
The structural characteristics of single mesh yarn have a certain relationship with the warmth of clothing, because the structure of yarn determines whether static air layer can be formed between the fibers
The yarn structure is fluffy, and there are many gaps in the fabric, forming an air layer. When there is no wind, there is more still air, and the warmth is better. When the wind is windy, the air can pass smoothly between the yarn, so the cooler is better.
For the yarn with a tight structure, the fabric woven by it is also relatively tight, so the airflow is blocked and the warmth is better; However, when the structure is too tight, the air trapped in the fabric will be reduced, that is, the static air is reduced, and the warmth is poor.

2. Moisture absorption
The hygroscopicity of yarns depends on fiber characteristics and yarn structure. If the filament is smooth, the woven fabric will easily stick to the body. If the fabric is tight, it will be difficult for moisture to penetrate the fabric. The short fiber yarn has hair on the surface, which reduces the contact with the skin, improves the breathability and makes it comfortable to wear.

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