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Rubber polyester thread 90#7575 popular black rubber cover yarn for knitting socks

Minimum order quantity:1000kg
Delivery time:Subject to order
Supply capacity:8-10 tons per day
Port:Ningbo/ Shanghai

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Product Type:Rubber polyester thread 90#7575Color:Raw White/Raw Black/According to customer needs
Place of Origin:ChinaCertification:Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Material:latex and polyesterTwist:s/z
Corporate name:LeinuoEvenness:Standard
Yarn Type:Rubber polyester thread 90#7575Strength:Standard
Specification:90#7575Grade:AA grade

1.Ribbon Factory: The rope-wrapped root line is used to make elastic fabrics such as elastic bands and elastic ropes.

2.Weaving factory: The rope-wrapped root line is used to make elastic fabrics such as elastic fabrics,acquard fabrics and jacquard weaves.

3.Socks factory: Use the rubber wire root line to make the elastic recovery edge of the socks sock,elastic elastic woven socks and so on.

4.Sports Goods Factory: Use the rubber wire to make wristbands, leg protectors, hair sets, finger sets,knee pads, and ankle pads.

5.Apparel products: floral decoration, elastic lace and so on.

6.Daily necessities: such as labor gloves, masks, etc.

Parameters and character

Rubber polyester thread 90#7575can be made using either regular spandex or Lycra Spandex

For example: 120D and 180D are Lycra spandex.

The differences between spandex and lycra are as follows:

First, different categories.

1)spandex, is the abbreviation ofpolycarbonate fiber. Lycra is a kind of spandex, spandex is not necessarily Lycra.

2)Lycra is just the trade name of Invidia, the former wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont.

Second, different commodity characteristics.

1)spandex, is not easy to dye, elastic excess, complex weaving, fabric size instability and aging in the process of use of spandex and many other problems.

2)Lycra, which solves many problems of spandex.

Third, the price is different.

1)Spandex varies slightly with the cost of the manufacturer, but the average price is much lower than that of Lycra.

2)Lycra, because DuPont occupies a market monopoly in the field of spandex, the price is decided by the company, but the average price is higher than that of spandex.

Latex rubber thread 100# black for knitting

Our services


Color card is the color that exists in nature is reflected on some kind of material, use at colour choice, compare, communicate, it is the tool that colour realizesunified standard inside certain limits. Color CARDS are Bridges.

1)The first picture is a color card made by our company.

2)The second picture is the PANTONE color card.

3)The third photo is the MIYAMA color card. The above three color CARDS are the color CARDS that our company can use for colorimetry.



1.Q :What is covered yarn?

A :Covered yarn is a type of combination yarn. It uses a filament as the core, and another fiber wrapped around it in a one-way spiral.

2.Q:Is your factory capable of producing?

A:Great.we have latest equipments and skilled workers ready for bulk orders right now.

3.Q :How long does it take for an order to ship?

A :If there is in stock, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. If there is no stock, we will place an order according to your order. (The salesman will clarify the specific time with you)



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