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Nylon rubber covered yarn 90D7070 Latex rubber thread for socks

Minimum order quantity:1000kg
Delivery time:Subject to order
Supply capacity:8-10 tons per day
Port:Ningbo/ Shanghai

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Product Type:Nylon rubber covered yarn 90D7070Color:Raw White/Raw Black/According to customer needs
Place of Origin:ChinaCertification:Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Material:latex and polyesterTwist:s/z
Corporate name:LeinuoEvenness:Standard
Yarn Type:Nylon rubber covered yarn 900D7070Strength:Standard
Specification:90D7070Grade:AA grade

1.Ribbon Factory: The rope-wrapped root line is used to make elastic fabrics such as elastic bands and elastic ropes.

2.Weaving factory: The rope-wrapped root line is used to make elastic fabrics such as elastic fabrics,acquard fabrics and jacquard weaves.

3.Socks factory: Use the rubber wire root line to make the elastic recovery edge of the socks sock,elastic elastic woven socks and so on.

4.Sports Goods Factory: Use the rubber wire to make wristbands, leg protectors, hair sets, finger sets,knee pads, and ankle pads.

5.Apparel products: floral decoration, elastic lace and so on.

6.Daily necessities: such as labor gloves, masks, etc.

Parameters and character


We adheres the development strategy of green low-carbon and environmental protection. Always insisting on the ‘customer-centered’ business philosophy, to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise with the quality policy of ‘quality of advanced technology, and satisfying customers continuously’.

More than 20 years of production and service experience.Owns professional production technology, quality management team, and skilled and stable industrial workers.

We are mainly engaged in the production and sales ofFDY, POY, DTY, ACY, SCY,high elastic yarn,Latex rubber yarn,spandex, industrial yarn,and provide high quality materials for all types of textiles.

Leading companies in socks and circular machines, jointly promoting new product development, leading the development trend of the industry, and having a good reputation in the industry.

1007575 rubber covered yarn

Our services

Differentkindsof Rubber Covered Yarn


( Nylon )90#7070100#7070110#7070

( Polyester )42#150150  52#150150  90#7575100#7575110#7575

For example:100#7070 Rubber covered yarn


( Nylon ) 1207070/ 1407070/ 1807070

( Polyester ) 1207575/ 1407575/ 1807575

For example: 1407070  Rubber covered yarn

Latex elastic covering yarn white


1.Q :What's your payment terms?

A :T/T ( 30% Advance ; 70% before loading container; L/C at sight.

2.Q :What are your main products?

A :Our main prodcuts are Polyester DTY, Nylon DTY,SpandexCoveredYarnAir covered yarn/Mechanical covered yarn,Polyester FDY,Nylon FDY,Hot Melt Silk, Industrial Yarn,Polyester High Elastic Yarn,polyester yarn for sock,Nylon High Elastic Yarnand RubberCoveredYarn.

3.Q :What is covered yarn?

A :Covered yarn is a type of combination yarn. It uses a filament as the core, and another fiber wrapped around it in a one-way spiral.

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