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Why choose high elastic polyester yarn?

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high elastic polyester yarn is a synthetic fiber material similar to nylon. Different from the physical properties and application fields of nylon material, it is widely used in the garment industry, especially for making underwear, uniforms, work clothes, etc. Select thehigh elastic polyester yarn or nylon material based on the performance features, application scenarios, and price factors.


Advantages of high elastic polyester yarn

1)Light and comfortable:high elastic polyester yarn is a lightweight material with good air permeability and comfort, which is ideal for applications in fields such as outdoor sports and leisure clothing. At the same time, thehigh elastic polyester yarn can also provide excellent strength and durability, even if worn for a long time without discomfort.

2)Waterproof and moisture-proof:high elastic polyester yarn has good waterproof and moisture-proof effect and can be enhanced by PU or PVC coating. This performance makes thehigh elastic polyester yarn widely used in outdoor equipment, raincoats, sports shoes and other fields, which can bring better protection for people's travel.

3)Wear resistance: Thehigh elastic polyester yarn has excellent wear resistance and is not easy to be torn or worn. It is suitable for clothing in contact with human body, which can prolong the life of clothing and reduce production cost.


Application fields of high elastic polyester yarn


1)Outdoor equipment:high elastic polyester yarn has excellent water, moisture and wear resistance, and is usually used to make outdoor equipment such as tents, backpacks and hiking boots.


2)Casual clothing:high elastic polyester yarn is lightweight, waterproof and wear resistant, making it an ideal fabric for casual clothing, such as casual pants and jackets.


3)Sports shoes and caps: In order to meet athletes' requirements for comfort, water resistance and wear resistance, many brands choose to usehigh elastic polyester yarn for manufacturing.



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