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What is the representation of network silk in DTY and ATY

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Network DTY silk is DTY silk processed by network nozzle under the action of compressed air, it has a good effect in improving the aurora effect and waxy (resin) feeling of DTY silk, and brings some unique style to DTY silk. According to the current market conditions, according to the network degree and network fastness, there are weak network silk, light network silk, medium network silk and heavy network silk. In general, network wires of various properties are produced by the corresponding type of network nozzles to achieve the best results, that is, light network wires are produced by light network nozzles and heavy network wires are produced by heavy network nozzles.



In production DTY, heavy network and light network refer to the number of networks. (Unit: number of networks per meter)DTY yarn after a slight short pull will show those network points! The number of network is generally controlled by adjusting the air pressure (of course, it is also related to the speed of the bomb loader and the draft ratio of the network nozzle before and after). Excessive number of networks (excessive heavy mesh) may lead to network spots on the surface of fabric (due to strong network points, relaxation processing can not be fully untwisted, and dyeing rate is different). Too little network (too much light mesh) leads to loose and flaring of network points under tension during weaving or weaving preparation (the purpose of the network is to avoid flaring and yarn strength).

POLYESTER POY YARN FULL DRAW YARN (DTY) Polyester POY yarn full draw Yarn (DTY) refers to the yarn that has been drawn and shaped by POY on the elastic machine. Simply speaking, compared with FDY, it has the fluffy property.

The difference between high and low elastic silk is that POY in the process of adding ammunition, adding ammunition machine has no use of two hot box, after two hot box shaped silk is called low elastic silk, without two hot box is generally called high elastic silk.

Chemical fibers in the spinning process, each silk is not a single filament but a complex filament composed of 15 to 100 very fine monofilaments. If compressed air is used in the spinneret process to blow the silk strips loose, and make them rotate and twist together into a network shape, called the network wire. The strength of this silk is high, weaving without twist sizing, dyeing and finishing can not be desizing treatment, so it is also called "free pulp silk". Fabrics made of network silk are particularly good at imitating wool. Chemical fiber in processing and spinning after deformation treatment (such as strong twist, false twist, non-telescopic deformation, etc.) silk or chemical fiber yarn is called deformation silk. Such as strong nylon yarn, bulk prolon yarn. Air textured silk, also known asPOLYESTERATY YARN, is a variety of chemical fiber filament. It is the use of compressed air on the chemical fiber filament for air injection deformation and the outer ring to form a local small ring, and then make it break to form a number of head ends exposed, so as to close to the "yarn" spun with short silk according to the conventional method. At present, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, viscose fiber, acetate and so on have air distortion yarn. Air Textured Yarn can be used to make silk, cotton or wool-like fabrics



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