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What is the Nylon FDY?

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Nylon FDY is also called nylon raw silk, nylon filament, nylon raw yarn, fdy nylon yarn.

Common specifications: 40D/12F, 50D/12F, 50D/24F, 70D/24F, 70D/48F, 100D/24F, 140D/48F,140D/96F, 170D/24F, 200D/24F, 235D/48F, 390D/48F, 420D/48F, 780D/96F, 840D/96F.


FDY is mainly used to make ropes, wires and belts. Among them, 200D, 390D and 780D are specifications unique to Taiwan FDY nylon yarn. 210D, 420D, 840D corresponding to mainland products can be used instead.

Examples of the meaning of the specification data:

FDY nylon yarn specifications 200D/24F #F222 BR stands for the following meaning:

200D/24F, which means that it is a 200 denier yarn consisting of 24 fine yarns.

The production batch number is in industrial production. Although the raw materials and processes are the same, the quality and performance of the products produced by each batch are different. In order to trace the responsibility of this batch of products afterwards, to avoid confusion, each batch of products has a corresponding batch number.

BR stands for it is a bright silk, which has a good luster when viewed with the naked eye.

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