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What is the high elastic polyester yarn?

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high elastic polyester yarn itself is polyester yarn, the composition is polyester, but some treatment effects are close to the characteristics of nylon. Feels softer


high elastic polyester yarn main USES:

1. Mainly used in knitting, hosiery, clothing, cloth, rib, fabric, textile, wool, sewing thread, embroidery, rib, ribbon, medical bandage, etc.

2. It is widely used in sweaters, ribbons, garment lock lines, gloves and thread making, etc.

3. It is widely used in various woolen products, knitted fabrics and knitted garments.

4. It is suitable for sewing high-elastic parts of high-grade knitted underwear, swimsuit, wet suit, sewing, trademark, underwear, corset, sports goods, shoes, sports clothing, etc.


Application fields of polyester high elastic silk:

1. Knitting products: stretch jeans, swimsuit, ski wear, woolen sweater, sportswear, fitness pants, golf pants, women's underwear, tights, weight loss elastic belt, etc.

2. Hosiery products: middle women's socks, pantyhose, etc.;

3. Woven fabric products: thin, medium, thick elastic labor cloth, seersucker, denim, etc.;

4. Sanitary products: band-aid, joint pain-killer paste, bandage, non-woven cloth, wound protection materials, etc.;

5. Home products: towels, gloves, packaging belt, elastic belt, bedding and stuffing materials, MATS, carpets, curtains, sofas, etc.

6. Silk products: Imitation silk, wrinkled silk, elastic silk, etc.;

7. Other products have elastic grommet, etc.


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