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What is recycled fiber? How are they used in knitting products?

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Recycled fiber is a kind of fiber made from waste bottles, plastics and garments by combining chemical and physical methods with spinning methods. It subverts the traditional fiber raw material source, sorts out the waste resources, produces the new fiber which is similar to the original fiber, realizes the unification of green, recycling and high utilization rate.


The production process

It is not easy to prepare green recycled fiber, which is mainly realized by physical and chemical methods. Physical method refers to the physical transformation of the bottle sheet into fiber or other products by means of molten extrusion. Currently, there are mainly two ways :(1) directly extruding the bottle sheet into fiber; (2) the bottle is first converted into particles or debris (granulation), and then the particles or debris are fused and extruded into fibers. The mechanical properties of the products produced by physical method are poor, and it is difficult to meet the textile standards.


The chemical process involves depolymerization of the recovered polyester into smaller molecules, which are then condensed into high-quality polyester chips, which are then spun into filaments. The method can realize complete recycling. In contrast, the chemical method develops slowly due to the limitation of benefits, raw materials and processing. Therefore, most of the domestic recycling of recycled PET bottle sheet is realized by physical method.

At present, the market demand of knitting products is changing from high quality and low price to technology, fashion and green. Therefore, the development of knitting industry is inseparable from the development and application of new fiber materials. At present, both domestic and foreign markets, people are more interested in functional, low carbon, environmental friendly knitting fabrics, so recycled fiber has a great application in knitting products.

The case shows

1.The elastic fabric woven with recycled polyamide/recycled polyester/spandex is adopted in the sports underwear. Its four-dimensional flex structure has high elasticity, which can effectively avoid excessive muscle vibration caused by body fluctuation during exercise and regulate body temperature while sweating.


2. Adopt Greenpoly renewable polyester (75 D) seamless underwear, which is environmentally friendly and low carbon, moisture absorption and perspiration, with good elasticity, wear resistance and dimensional stability.


3. The Swedish arctic fox hoodie is made of recycled polyester fiber and wool colored in the original solution. The warm and comfortable wool jacket is equipped with a knitted surface layer and a soft brushed inner layer. The mesh wool lining of the pocket is made of renewable polyester fiber.


4. Adopt 40d recycled polyester filament +80S pure cotton yarn, and weave the high-density knitted fabric in the weft knitting large circle machine or high-speed warp knitting machine above E40, with high elasticity and good drape.


5. Knitted suit fabric made of 50 ~ 75 D recycled polyester + (40S ~ 70S) compactly spun cotton yarn or 50 ~ 75 D recycled polyester + (Nm 50 ~ Nm 80) wool yarn, crisp and with moderate elongation.


6, in Santoni (Santoni) SMDJ2T or E14, E16 double-sided jacquard machine, with 50 ~ 75 D recycled polyester + recycled polyamide fiber with color silk production weft woven shoe material, can form a two-color or multi-color pattern, recycled polyester to improve the stiffness and shape of the shoe, for the round machine shaping shoe design and production to provide development space.


For more information, please pay attention to the article "application of recycled fiber in knitting processing" in the 2nd issue of textile leader in 2020.

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