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What is Hot melt silk

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Hot melt silk, also known as low-melting fiber, is one of the most rapidly developing functional fibers this year. TheHot melt silk is divided into two kinds of polyesterhot melt silk and nylonhot melt silk, which can control the melting point between 85 ° C and 180 ° C by adjusting the raw material characteristics.

In the normal temperature state, thehot melt silk and other fibers are woven into the fabric, and then in the dry heat or wet heat state, the pressure is applied to the fabric, when the temperature is higher than the melting point of thehot melt silk, thehot melt silk gradually melts. At this temperature, conventional fibers remain unchanged and are bonded together by thehot melt silk. Therefore, thehot melt silk can replace glue and other chemical adhesives, avoid the pollution of volatile matter and powder layer, environmental protection and non-toxic; At the same time, it saves the process flow and reduces the downstream production cost.


At present,hot melt silk is widely used in outdoor sports shoes, casual shoe upper, sofa fabric, curtain curtain, carbon fiber fabric styling, chenille yarn, bondi line, high-grade suit lining, lace lace and glove overlock yarn and other fields, is a high salary technical products with great market prospects.

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