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What are the application values of smart clothing in the military field?

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Intelligent clothing is an organic whole integrated with multiple disciplines such as textile and clothing, material science, sensing technology, information processing, communication technology and artificial intelligence. In the military field, in order to cater to the information and digital warfare mode and enhance the overall combat capability of the army, intelligent clothing has gradually entered the public's view and become an important weapon to enhance the individual combat capability.

Camouflage technology

At present, intelligent color material application in military camouflage clothing research has made some progress, of which polyacetylene, polyaniline, poly (thiophene, preparation of conductive polymer polypyrrole and its derivatives (CPs) color materials is given priority to, these materials with fast response speed, change color rich, high contrast, high cycle utilization rate, good stability, easy processing and design, etc.


Developed by the French "multi-spectrum active skin discoloration" bionic camouflage materials, at the same time has the electroluminescent, electrically induced reflection and electricity caused by radiation, and other functions, making them as "chameleon" through dynamic color into the background, even if the material is breakdown of bullets, also does not affect the effect, can be widely used in clothing or military equipment.

Monitoring the vital signs of individual soldiers

Intelligent vital signs monitoring service plays a key role in treating the wounded and assessing the combat effectiveness of soldiers. It integrates one or more biomedical sensors or physical sensors into clothing, and continuously collects physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow and frequency of some parts of the human body, and converts them into indicators of vital signs for reference by means of amplification, filtering and algorithm processing. The data will be sent via wired or wireless communication to the background for further diagnosis and analysis, and will be fed back to medical staff and wearers in a timely manner.


Georgia Tech Wearable Motherbord (GTWM), a us navy-funded project, has developed a smart healthcare shirt that can monitor the wearer's vital signs in real time. FIST, France's future warrior program, and Australia's Land125 program all involve the development of a soldier's vital signs monitoring system.

Health care

When soldiers are injured and infected or discharge a large amount of sweat during training, it is easy to breed bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, affecting the combat effectiveness of the army. Swansea university has developed a smart bandage that USES tiny sensors placed on the dressing of a medical bandage to monitor wound infections and blood clots and send the information to a mobile phone so patients and doctors can keep track of wound healing and adjust treatment plans.


Oxygen concentration is an important factor in the treatment and healing of chronic wounds. MOSTAFALU P has designed an intelligent bandage loaded with flexible sensors that can monitor oxygen concentration in real time, preventing hypoxia and preventing wound healing due to low oxygen concentration.

Intelligent wearable exoskeleton

The intelligent wearable exoskeleton is a wearable device combining human and machine, which can improve the wearer's mechanical strength, speed, weight bearing and endurance. Its role is reflected in two aspects: the first is to provide protection and physical support, such as assisting the sick and injured personnel to recover and train; The second is to help complete the task.


The university of California, Berkeley, has been developed with hydraulic drive powered exoskeleton wearable end BLEEX, and on the basis of the improved close to actual combat application HULC exoskeleton, tied to the soldiers on the leg can mimic human lower limb movement, enhance the soldier's weight (maximum weight 100 kg) ability to walk, there are a few investment in U.S. combat.

For more information, please refer to the article "application and research progress of intelligent clothing in the military field" in the 2nd issue of textile herald, 2020.

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