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What are the advantages of digital printing? What do business experts say.

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Digital printing technology is a kind of advanced technology integrating computer data processing, control, precision machinery and fine chemical industry. Because of catering to the contemporary people's pursuit of personalized clothing consumption, green new market characteristics, digital printing technology has been paid more and more attention to, most of the domestic and foreign printing and dyeing enterprises have carried out the technical transformation of digital printing, even some enterprises have never set foot in printing and dyeing, also have joined in the digital printing. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has the following advantages.


1. No need to make flower plate (net)

Digital printing does not need to make the flower plate (net), save the relevant equipment and material acquisition and production of the flower plate (net) site, saving the cost. Traditional printing to produce a flower plate (net), with 10 sets of color, at least a few thousand yuan of cost. The production of the flower plate (net) storage needs to take up a lot of space. And if the sample is not made after mass production, it will cause the waste of flower plate (net). In addition, the production of flower plate (net) before the color separation sketch, complex flower draft color sketch sketch time is very long, digital printing does not need to trace draft and do not need to make flower version (net), save time and cost, for fast delivery to create conditions.


2. No need to modulate color paste

In the traditional printing process, no matter manual estimation or machine measurement, it is impossible to accurately estimate the amount of pulp used. For each printed set of colors, more or less waste color pulp is produced. These waste color pulp is difficult to be reused, which not only wastes dyes and auxiliary agents, but also increases the cost of sewage treatment. Digital printing does not need to modify color paste, not only eliminates the need for the color paste to be equipped with the site, facilities, dyes and additives, and no matter what pattern printing, the use of the same ink, in addition to cleaning the nozzle when a small amount of waste ink, there is no other waste, dye, auxiliary waste is very small.


3. Don't worry about the size of the flower return

In traditional printing, whether flat screen or circular screen, due to the screen width and diameter of the diameter of the circle, there are restrictions on the size of the flower printing. In addition, the traditional screen printing due to the need to print a version of a version of the butt, so for those unable to open the version of the pattern can not be printed. Digital printing does not need to consider the above issues, can use different types of flower draft, flower draft designer design ideas will not be limited, can greatly expand their design scope.


4. It can meet the demand of small batch and quick reaction

Traditional printing because of the need to make pattern (screen), color paste, machine printing and a series of complex processes, so there is often a minimum amount of printing requirements. Under the circumstances of uncertain market sales, it is difficult for manufacturers to develop new patterns in large quantities. One of the greatest advantages of digital printing is that it can meet the customer's requirements for any small batch production, thus satisfying the customer's need to develop new patterns and sales without backlog. In addition, the delivery time of traditional printing is very long. If the product with complicated pattern and sensitive color is difficult to produce, the delivery cycle can reach 1 ~ 2 months. However, the delivery date of small batch of digital printing usually only needs 2 ~ 3 days or less, and the urgent proofing can be completed on the same day.


5. Products are not easy to be counterfeited

The pattern and color of digital printing need to be processed by digital technology, and the computer software is used to measure and match the color and convert the printing, so that the color of digital printing products can reach 16.7 million theoretically, completely breaking the color limit of traditional textile printing. Especially in the color gradient and moire and other high-precision pattern printing, digital printing has more technical advantages. Moreover, printed products are not easy to be copied and counterfeited when they are sold in the market, which can fundamentally protect the intellectual property rights and economic interests of manufacturers and designers.


For more information, please refer to the article "Classification of Digital Printing Equipment and Current Situation of Enterprise Application" in the 11th issue of our journal in 2020.

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