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what are the advantages of color FDY yarn

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Advantages of Color fdy yarn

Whether you want to make an accessory, garment or quilt, there are many benefits to choosing color FDY yarn for your project. It is durable, textured and is dyed with high tenacity.


Drawn Textured Yarn

Basically, draw textured yarn is produced by the process of texturizing a partially oriented polyester fiber. During texturizing, crimps are introduced in the yarn, creating a textured surface. The textured surface is more durable and also has a better shape retention capacity. It is used to manufacture a variety of applications.

The yarn is commonly used for sewing, knitting, and weaving. It is ideal for fabrics that are exposed to water often. The textured surface gives it a warm, cozy look. The yarn is very durable and has a soft cottony feel. It is also easy to wash and dry. It is commonly used in women's t-shirts, scarves, gloves, and other apparel. It has a soft crimp that is ideal for knitted items.

The yarn is available in various polymer lusters. The lusters include raw white, bright, semi-dull, and triloble bright. It is also available in a package-dyed form. It is a cost-effective material that is weather-resistant. It is also widely used in home textiles, sports wear, and automotive materials.


High tenacity yarns

PP FDY or Polyester High Tenacity yarns are found in China and India. The high tenacity fiber has been used in a variety of fabrics and textiles. These include roof coverings, V-belts, waterproof fabrics, and car tire cord fabric. They are also used in industrial fabric applications, such as conveyors and tarpaulins.

The best part about these materials is that they are light in weight, are easy to work with, and can be recycled. They are also available in a range of colors. Some of the more popular ones are green, red, blue, yellow, and purple. These types of yarns are packaged in paper cones. These yarns are a great replacement for traditional heavy, heavyweight materials.

There are many reasons to choose high tenacity fibers over traditional alternatives. They are durable, have a good tear resistance, and have a great foldability. They are also light in weight, which makes them a good choice for use in sports gear. This material is also good for the environment, as it doesn't require dyeing.

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