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Using yarn modification to achieve structural color fiber

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Structure color is a color formed by the interaction of light and micro-nano structure, with high brightness, high saturation and other characteristics, if the microstructure of the formation of structure color is not destroyed, then the structure color will never fade. It is of great significance to reduce the pollution caused by traditional printing and dyeing to develop the fiber and fabric of structural color rendering by structural color rendering method.


Recently, a research team at East China Normal University used a spray coating process to accurately assemble colloidal photonic crystals (PC) in each yarn of a polyester (PET) fabric. The PC/PET fabric has a saturated and durable color, good softness and high permeability.

The researchers developed a two-step spraying process. PET fabrics can be viewed as hierarchical porous structures with large cracks between yarns and small gaps between fibers. On the first spraying of the colloidal solution of SiO2, a thin liquid film quickly forms on the surface of the PET fabric, and then the limited volume of colloidal solution is completely absorbed into the porous yarn by capillary force. As the solvent evaporates during heating, the particles spontaneously precipitate to form liquid colloidal PC, which is then transformed into solid PC located between the fibers. In subsequent PA binder spraying, PA nanoparticles were also enriched on the surface of the PET yarn filled with SiO2 particles due to the same capillary interaction. When the sample was heated above the vitrification transition temperature and then cooled to room temperature, the PA nanoparticles melted, solidified, and coated the PC structure and PET yarn, resulting in a colorful PC/PET fabric.


It has been proved that the spraying process can produce PC/PET fabric with uniform color structure, saturated and diverse fabrics. When the incident Angle and reflection Angle of light change from 0° to 30°, 45° and 60°, the reflection wavelength of red PC-modified fabric changes correspondingly from 650 nm to 605 nm, 555nm and 503nm.


The results of durability tests showed that the colour remained the same when the fabric was washed or washed in the washing machine. When the PC-modified fabric is subjected to more aggressive operations, such as scrubbing and ultrasonic treatment, the structure remains intact. With the help of masks, PC patterns of trees, flowers and deer can be easily made on the fabric.


The relevant research is based on "Precise Assembly of Highly Crystalline Colloidal Photonic Crystals inside the Polyester Yarns: A Spray Coating Synthesis for Breathable and Durable Fabrics with pressed Structural Colors "was published in Advanced Functional Materials.

(Source: Frontiers in Polymer Science)

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