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Uncover "reduce weight artifact" the real veil of violent sweat suit

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As the saying goes, a poor April makes a poor May. With temperatures rising, many beauty lovers are eager to shed their winter stash of meat. For many people who lack the willpower to exercise but are eager to achieve the goal of weight loss quickly, the "magic device to lose weight" has become a good choice.


Speaking of sweatsuits, they were originally designed for boxers and weightlifters who needed to lose weight, quickly dehydrating to meet competition weight requirements. But after the weigh-in, athletes need to replenish their water and electrolytes to prevent dehydration and a drop in performance. Later, through the promotion of the brand and the planting of many stars, the clothes gradually attracted public attention.


In principle, a sweat suit is a kind of clothing that can make people sweat quickly after wearing it. At the beginning, suddenly and violently sweat suit is usually made from PVC or PU coated polyester fabric, with technology improvement and product upgrading, now suddenly and violently sweat suits the general (or) acrylic fabric made of polyester fiber fabrics and nano silver metal coating, using silver nano membrane formed in the surface thermal cycling of radiation and reflection, make the heat generated by the movement cannot send out quickly, in this case, In order to maintain a constant body temperature, the body needs to sweat more, thus achieving a "violent sweat".


However, relevant expert points out, the way that reduces weight through violent sweat takes is not equal to reduce weight, this kind reduces weight basically is to reduce water, and reducing weight needs to reduce fat, and, perspire quantity and burning fat effect also do not have inevitable connection, because 84% in the decomposition product of adipose is the carbon dioxide that exhales outside body. The extra energy expenditure associated with wearing a sweatsuit is dwarfed by the heat, dehydration and skin deterioration it causes.


In terms of the principle of the product, it is more of a "rush suit" than a "sweat suit." Its heat insulation function helps users keep their body temperature in harsh outdoor environments. But sweatsuits are not suitable for general cardio and strength training scenarios. It is used by professional athletes because they want to achieve a competitive weight by rapidly dehydrating without losing muscle mass.


In a comprehensive view, the emergence of violent sweat clothing is closely related to the demand of the market to reduce weight. Some businesses mislead consumers through excessive interpretation and the concept of "sweating is to reduce weight", resulting in a large number of people inadvertently paid the "IQ tax". From consumer point of view, we must make clear concept, not anxious to become, undertake reducing weight through scientific, healthy, reasonable method.

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(Source: Official Account of Textile Herald)

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