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The difference between SIM, HIM, NIM of DTY

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DTY (Draw texturing yarn), which is also calledfilamentelastic yarn. Take polyester dty as an example.


It is made of polyester chips (PET), processed by high-speed spinning of polyester pre-oriented yarn (POY - preoriented yarn), and then processed by drawing false twisting. It has the characteristics of short process, high efficiency and good quality. In addition to the general polyester rupture strength and elastic modulus, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to wash and dry, it also has high bulkiness, Good heat insulation, comfortable feel and soft gloss.


Production of DTY medium and light network refers to the number of networks and more! (Unit: number of networks / m) DTY yarn will see those network points after a short and short pull! The number of networks is generally controlled by adjusting the air pressure (of course, also related to the speed of the texturing machine, the drafting ratio before and after the network nozzle)! Too many networks (excessive heavy mesh) may cause network spots on the surface of the fabric (due to the strong network points, the slack processing cannot be fully solved, and the dyeing rate is different when dyeing). Too few networks (excessive light nets) result in loose meshing during the weaving or weaving preparation process because of the network point under tension (the purpose of the network is to avoid easy hairiness and strong yarn strength).

HIM  high-intermingled  

100-120 knots per meter is calledhigh-intermingled

SIM  slight-intermingled 

40-50 knots per meter is called slight-intermingled

NIM  non-intermingled /nigh intermingled 

0-10 knots per meter is called non-intermingled


Popularly speaking:

The heavy net is the one that pulls the polyester yarn by hand, and it is difficult to spread it.

The light net is the network fastness is very low, that is, the polyester wire is pulled by hand, and the kind that is spread apart

No network is no network point

Here, we must pay special attention to the fact that there is no inevitable connection between the light network and the number of network points. There are many light network networks, but they are scattered, which is commonly known as fake network points.

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