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The development trend of knitted yoga wear

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The rise of yoga has led to the rapid development of yoga clothing industry, huge market space, and the development of yoga knitted fabric has attracted people's attention. With the improvement of people's aesthetic level and the demand for functional clothing, yoga clothing begins to fashion, functional and intelligent development.

Fashion development

In recent years, people's demand for yoga clothes is no longer satisfied with the basic needs of covering up, but more and more attention to the personalized clothing and fashion. Knitted yoga clothes fabric can be combined with different colors, patterns, organizations and other innovative design to develop a series of innovative fabrics, so that the production of yoga clothes more beautiful, fashion. The popular elements such as embroidery, digital printing pattern and flounces or the popular techniques such as stitching, piping and tracing are applied to the design of yoga clothes through a certain combination to increase the fashion sense of clothes. In addition, in the development of knitting yoga fabric, the yarn of different colors, thickness and appearance can be randomly combined and woven, combined with different knitting techniques, needle type and other technical parameters, to achieve rich fabric appearance effect.


Functional development

In the process of yoga, the body will inevitably emit sweat and produce a bad smell, but also produce a certain sense of pain. The development of yoga fabrics with special functions or special post-finishing of fabrics can meet people's demand for functional yoga clothes. In order to solve the problem of body perspiration and smell, we can finish the fabric and prepare antibacterial and deodorant fabric. After special finishing of the fabric, such as antibacterial aroma finishing, yoga clothes made of such post-finishing fabric will produce aroma smell due to the friction of the fabric in the process of yoga exercise, so as to achieve the effect of relaxing body and mind and relieving fatigue.


In addition, the antibacterial deodorant fabric prepared by SilverescentTM technology is applied to the design of knitted yoga clothes. Even after a long time of yoga, the fabric will not become smelly due to sweat; The yarn containing some special functional elements can be applied to the development of knitted yoga wear fabric to realize the functional design of clothing. Titanium fibers, for example, are said to improve blood circulation and reduce lactic acid levels. Wearing yoga clothes made from such fibers can reduce the pain caused by exercise.

Intelligent development

As people pay more and more attention to physical health, intelligent clothing with health monitoring function meets people's pursuit of a high standard of life. An intelligent fabric with excellent electrical conductivity was prepared by improving the classical electrostatic spinning process. The knitted yoga clothes can be prepared by using the fabric. By embedding micro-sensors in the yoga clothes, various fitness data and health indicators of the body can be accurately collected during the exercise process, and then the collected information can be sent to the matching electronic equipment in time, so as to realize the timely monitoring of human health.


Adidas, for example, sells rechargeable thermal sweatpants with batteries built into the leg to keep your muscles warm, and the Victoria's Secret smart bra has a heart rate band that monitors your heart rate in real time, The Hexoskin smart sports vest is embedded with sensors that monitor heart rate, breathing and basic body conditions. With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more intelligent wearable clothes have been developed, promoting the development of knitted yoga clothes to the direction of intelligence.

For more information, please pay attention to the article "Innovative Development and Application of functional nylon knitted Yoga wear Fabric", no. 12, 2021.

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