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Textile fabric style commonly used eight terms, understand!

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I. StiffnessTouch the fabric to feel the stiffness, the reaction of the opponent, the sense of elasticity and fullness. For example, the handle of high-density fabrics made of elastic fibers and yarns. In order to make the fabric stiff, the coarse fibers should be selected, the modulus of the fibers should be increased, the yarn tightness and the weaving density should be improved.

2. SoftnessSoftness refers to flexibility, light weight, fluffy, slippery and waxy feeling, stiffness, flatness and smoothness. The fabric has a soft feeling, can improve the yarn fluffy degree, choose more fine yarn, weaving density can not be too high.


3. fullnessFabric fluffy good, give people a feeling of looseness and fullness. Compression rebounds well, giving people a warm and thick feeling.

4.ComplianceSoft deformation performance of the following body surface.


5. SmoothnessThe hand feeling derived from coarse and hard fibers or strong twisted yarns (nylon yarn fdy 840d) is mainly the surface hand feeling of the fabric, which is enhanced by the overall rigidity of the fabric. Smoothness can be achieved by twisting and using fibers with grooves or uneven surfaces.

6. Glutinous DegreeSoft and smooth feel from fine wool, such as cashmere. Contrary to the degree of smoothness, it requires that the surface fibers of fabrics be finer and distributed on the surface of fabrics in the form of curls or feathers. Sliding waxy degree is positively correlated with fluffy fullness.


7. FlatnessFabric drape resistance and self-stretching properties are independent of elasticity. Such performance characteristics can be produced by choosing stiffer fibers and yarns to improve weaving density.

8. DrapeDrape refers to the property that the fabric sags naturally to form a curved surface under the action of self-weight. If the fabric can droop into a smooth, uniform curvature or even ripple surface, it is said that the fabric has good drape.


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