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Relevant regulations on textile chemicals in China

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While chemicals endow textiles with beautiful colors and functionality, they also pose hidden dangers to human safety and the natural environment. Therefore, government agencies, regional organizations and social groups all over the world have formulated and issued various regulations, certification systems, testing standards, etc., to strengthen the supervision of textile chemicals use.China has formulated special laws and regulations for hazardous chemicals such as toxic and harmful, inflammable and explosive.

In China, textile pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, finishing and other processes used in the dyeing chemicals, additives should comply with the relevant provisions. In addition, in terms of consumption, decoration and household textile products, the control of chemicals in textiles in China is mainly reflected in the quality management of finished products. Compulsory standards such as GB 18401-2010 National Technical Specification for The Safety of Textile Products, GB 31701-2015 Technical Specification for the Safety of Textile Products for Infants and Children and more than 100 product standards constitute the technical barrier for the safety of textile chemicals. The following focuses on the introduction of chemical requirements for consumer, decorative and home textile products.

Chemical Safety Requirements in Mandatory Standards

GB 18401-2010 is the mandatory standard for textile products produced and sold in China for consumption, decoration and household use. Textile products for infants and children must also meet the requirements of GB 31701-2015.


Chemical safety requirements in product standards

Product standards are a large category of standards in my country's textile standard system. On the basis of mandatory standards, quality regulations are made in more detail according to the characteristics and uses of various products. Although product standards are not mandatory standards, they must meet their quality requirements once they are marked in the product. GB/T 21295 -- 2014 Technical Requirements for Physical and Chemical Properties of Clothing is the most basic product standard in the textile industry, which includes almost all chemical assessment items in product standards. However, the most comprehensive product standard for the assessment of hazardous chemicals is GB/T 18885-2020 "Technical Requirements for Ecological Textiles", the latest version is the 2020 version.

GB/T 18885-2020 is basically in line with the major international regulations and certification systems. Although the types of chemicals covered are somewhat different from those already mentioned in the United States and the European Union, it has been greatly improved compared with the 2009 version. It is the standard with the highest level of benchmarking with international standards in my country's textile industry and involves the most classification and types of chemicals. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of product quality in my country, there will be more product standards and more chemicals to be assessed in the future formulation and revision.

For more details, please refer to the article "Interpretation of the World's Major Textile Chemicals Banned and Restricted Regulations" in the third issue of 2022.

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(Source:China Textile Leader)

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