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Product development scheme of woven regenerated cellulose fabric

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The current iterative upgrading of consumer demand has driven the textile innovation trend. The demand side pays more attention to the connotation of products and pays more attention to emotional attributes, and consumers have changed from paying attention to tangible products to paying attention to consumption experience. In addition, the concept of consumption pays more attention to ecological protection and social responsibility, and green consumption is deeply rooted in people's hearts. Recycled cellulose material from nature, can be recycled, degradable, in line with the trend of ecological environmental protection, and spinnability is good, and all kinds of fiber material "match". With the continuous development and innovation of different types of differentiated and functional regenerated cellulose fibers, such materials have been applied more and more widely in the textile field.


Figure 1

Main quality requirements for woven regenerated cellulose fabrics

(1) Reflect good texture in the visual aspect of appearance. Most home textile fabrics and clothing fabrics require fine and elegant, smooth and smooth, full texture or particles, and a sense of luster. Yarns should be dry and uniform, with less hair.

(2) Reflect good texture on the appearance and touch level. The shirt fabrics and home textile kits should be soft and smooth, neither rigid nor soft and bony. Under the premise of maintaining good softness, a high rate of activation should be also required. Home clothing fabrics are soft and comfortable.

(3) The internal quality level reflects good texture, which is the focus of the development of regenerated cellulose fabrics. Home textile fabrics and some clothing fabrics are required to have good dimensional stability and anti-pilling performance.

Product development plan and physical effect

(1) Give play to the material characteristics to develop conceptual products

According to the material characteristics, the best effect that can be achieved can be verified by making "concept products", and the innovative features can be fully displayed by combining technological innovation and design creativity.

For example, for high count yarn special Saterio Yoke? BVF fiber, Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd. developed pure spinning and above 100S high count yarn and high count and high density fabric, verified the adaptability of pure spinning high count yarn, and improved the texture of fabric through high count yarn, the woven fabric is soft and smooth, the glossy satin surface gives the fabric elegant appearance, reflecting a good sense of quality. For another example, cellulose fiber material is widely used in summer clothing. In order to achieve comfortable texture, strong twist yarn combined with fabric crepe organization design is used to develop dry fabric with hemp yarn effect (Figure 1).


Figure 2 Sen dry fabric

(2) Using material advantages to improve product performance

The development of new fabric products must be based on the characteristics of the material itself, through reasonable planning and design and technological innovation, give full play to the advantages of material, make up or avoid its shortcomings, "foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses" in order to achieve good product development results. For example, in the traditional pure cotton high density imitation down fabric with a certain proportion of blending to add the Yuke silk with lower initial modulus? BVF fiber, can obviously improve the fabric touch, in the premise of good anti-velvet effect, make the duvet fabric more soft and comfortable, bring a higher quality of experience.


Figure 3 cotton and viscose blended anti - down fabric

(3) Combining design creativity to display characteristic style

New fabrics can be combined with the market demand and the judgment of the fashion trend, the development of style innovation, creative design products. As shown in the following figure, the Thousand Bird case crepe fabric uses the special high - count yarn of the excellent silk? BVF fiber, cotton Spandex core-spun yarn collocation, pattern design to the classic plover and squares for deconstruction and reorganization, stretch yarn application combined with bilayer organizations article peace card interval, loose type water give full play to the shrinkage difference of fiber materials, form the three-dimensional effect of the bubble crepe texture, rich texture of fabric and level.


Picture 4 thousand bird case foam crepe fabric

(4) Integration of technology modules to break through the application field

According to some customer concerns, to carry out targeted product development through technological innovation. For example, some garment fabrics require a certain body bone, and the regenerated cellulose material is soft. For this, filament core-spun staple fiber technology can be applied to improve the briskness and mechanical strength of the fabric. Another example is the application of hollow yarn technology to further improve the moisture absorption and quick drying performance of fabrics, and the development of comfortable knitting clothing; Apply low-twist yarn and untwist yarn technology to create fluffy and soft comfortable touch, and develop knitted towels and bathrobes. Using soft Core yarn technology to try to achieve the fabric soft and not loose.

For more information, please pay attention to the article "Development Practice of Woven Recycled Cellulose Fabrics" in the 11th issue of Textile Review.

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