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Polyester peach skin

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polyester peach skin


Polyester peach skin is a kind of thin sanded pile fabric made of superfine synthetic fiber. The surface of the fabric is covered with a very short, fine pile. Soft and natural color, similar to the texture and appearance of peach skin, fine, even and bushy fuzz. The fuzz seems invisible but palpable. It diffuses in many directions in the light and is very soft. With moisture absorption, breathable, waterproof function and silk-like appearance and style, the fabric feels soft and rich, fluffy and delicate, smooth and elastic, thick and plump.


Polyester peach skin is made of polyester or polyester brocade composite silk.

Polyester and brocade composite silk, also known as microfiber. There are regenerative polyester brocade composite silk, functional composite filament, unique functional composite filament and other names.

Polyester peach skin is made of polyester and brocade composite silk with a monofilm size of 0.15~0.3D. After dyeing and finishing and reducing treatment, the fiber is opened. Due to the increase of specific surface area, super dense fabric style is formed. A peach writing effect is formed on the surface of the fabric by scrubbing. Polyester and brocade composite silk can also be woven into highly absorbent towel (4~5 times cotton), glasses cloth, filter cloth, etc.


Polyester peach skin products, can be used as clothing (jackets, dresses, etc.) fabric, can also be used as bags, shoes, hats, furniture decoration ideal material.


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