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LYCRA Spandex

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lycra Spandex is an elastic fiber, an artificial fiber invented by DuPont in the United States. It is usually used to make tights, swimsuits, dance clothes and other clothing that require high elasticity. The uniqueness of LYCRA Spandex is that it has high elasticity and excellent resilience, which makes it possible to quickly return to its original state after stretching and compression. This feature makes LYCRA Spandex very suitable for making sportswear, because it can provide better freedom of movement and comfort for the wearer.


Another advantage of LYCRA Spandex is its good wear resistance and durability. Compared with other elastic fibers, LYCRA Spandex is more durable and not easy to wear or tear. This makes it very suitable for making clothes that need to be worn or torn frequently, such as dance clothes and sports clothes.


In addition to the above advantages, LYCRA Spandex also has other characteristics, such as breathability, lightness and dyeability. These characteristics make LYCRA Spandex an ideal material for making high-quality clothing.


In general, LYCRA Spandex is a very excellent elastic fibre, which has high elasticity, excellent resilience, good wear resistance and durability, breathability, lightness and easy dyeing. These characteristics make it very suitable for making clothes that require high elasticity and durability, such as sportswear, dance clothing and tights.

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