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Lycra -- Friendly Fiber

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lycra is widely used in various fields of textile production, and its application in the garment industry is also very broad;From light lingerie to heavy coat, from sportswear to fashion suits. Lycra naked silk is often used for knitting underwear, hosiery, bandages, sportswear and so on. It can greatly improve the elasticity and extensibility of the fabric.The best advantage of Spandex is its good resilience after stretching.Unlike traditional elastic fibers, it can stretch up to 500 percent and recover.It does not change the appearance of the fabric and is an invisible fiber that greatly improves the properties of the fabric.


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Elastic and not easy to deformation, it is to use dry spinning spandex production of polyester type, the fiber is made of flexible chain segment and rigid chain segments, it is this molecular structure, gives the leica excellent extensibility and elastic recovery properties, lycra can stretch to the original length of 4 to 7 times, recovery rate 100%, after recovery can be close to in the human body surface, the force binding of human body is very small.

Any fabric can be used, including wool, linen, silk and cotton, to increase the texture of close-fitting, elastic and loose and natural, and feel flexible during activities.And lycra, unlike most spandex, has a special chemical structure that prevents mold from growing in a hot and humid space after wet water.Lycra is therefore referred to as a "friendly" fiber, not only because it can be thoroughly integrated with both natural and man-made fibers, but also because it can increase the comfort, binding, mobility and longevity of the fabric or clothing.

Lycra has a wide range of applications and can add extra comfort to all types of ready-to-wear, including lingerie, bespoke coats, suits, dresses, trousers, knitwear and more.It greatly improves the feel, drape and crease recovery ability of the fabric, improves the comfort and fit of all kinds of clothing, and makes all kinds of clothing show new vitality.



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