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It can be used as a super stretch fiber battery in energy textiles

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Wearable energy textiles are used to convert external energy, converting mechanical energy generated by human activities or energy generated by materials stimulated by external conditions into electric energy, which is of great significance in the current shortage of energy demand.Fiber flexible battery has the characteristics of light weight, flexibility and durability. It has a wide application prospect in energy textiles.However, in the actual application process, performance degradation or even failure due to extreme stretching, sharp bending or excessive distortion, etc., seriously hinders the further application of fiber flexible batteries in the wearable field.


To solve the above problems, the intelligent wearable technology research center of Qingdao university researchers inspired by biological structures of vines, we design a super stretch fiber with spiral structure the zinc ion battery (G/P - zinc @ SFB), they will be fiber cells with spiral structure tightly wrapped around the surface elastic silk, and made the fabric by the knitting process.A series of performance tests confirmed its potential in wearable energy textile applications.


Electrochemical characterization results show that the ultratensile fiber wiki-zinc-ion battery has high specific capacity (32.56 mAh/cm3), energy density (36.04 mWh/cm3), excellent cycle stability (76.5% capacity after 1000 cycles), and Coulomb efficiency reaches about 100%.Moreover, the fiber-based zinc-ion battery retains 71


percent of its capacity when stretched to 900 percent.When released to the natural state, it also shows a retention rate of 84%.When the batteries are charged in series and connected to the red LED indicator, when the batteries are stretched to 900%, they can still efficiently supply power to the LED indicator, which indicates that the ultra-stretched zinc ion battery has excellent tensile resistance.

Finally, a smart wearable energy device was woven into a fabric of 18 series of ultra-stretch-fiber zinc-ion battery systems to power an LED device with a "QDU" logo.The results showed that the brightness of the QDU marker gradually dimmed as the elbow Angle changed from 0° to 180°.But when the bend Angle is 180°, the QDU still lights up, suggesting that the ultra-stretchable zinc-ion battery could be used as a powerful, ultra-elastic power source for flexible displays, wearable electronics and smart textiles.

In addition, the researchers combined a hyperstretched battery with an elastic band for lighting.Two batteries in series can be used to power the LED in static conditions.The LED light still glowed when the elastic band was pulled back, proving that the ultra-stretched fiber is highly stable and highly conductive than the zinc-ion battery.


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