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Innovative technology |. When the storm hits, MIT's waterproof coating will help you keep out the rain

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Quote: before, during and after the RuFu entered the high temperature and heavy rain across the country "bamboo steamer" mode, wearing not breathable raincoat, rain can let oneself don't get wet in the rain, but can not timely and well ventilated platoon is wet, the sweat also can get wet, can have a piece of clothing can waterproof, moisture vapor transmission, and can preferably cotton fiber of this kind of natural fiber materials made of?More recently, MIT has developed a waterproof, breathable coating that could be even sweeter than your mom.


Water contrast test

Existing on market a few waterproof coating are added basically go up in chemical fiber fabrics, and the means that use is chemical dip basically the means that roll, even if be coating besmear is on the fabric of natural fiber such as cotton, hemp, silk, also meet because of the technology means that dip rolls clog the space of fabric, those who affect fabric absorb wet gas performance.In order to retain the moisture absorption and air permeability of natural fiber, it is necessary to conduct another air permeability treatment on the fabric, so as to realize the waterproof and air permeability of the fabric.

Contrast of moisture absorption between front and back of fabric


Another problem with existing coatings is that they cannot meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements.At present, the mainstream water-proofing agent is still the long-chain fluorine-based water-proofing agent, because it will release PFOS and PFOA and other toxic substances, some countries and regions have gradually banned the use of long-chain fluorine-based water-proofing agent.

MIT this waterproof coating is short chain polymer, it itself has some hydrophobic function, through some after chemical treatment can be enhanced its hydrophobicity, the waterproof coating of another key lies in the fact that it USES the iCVD (initiated chemical vapor deposition) coating process, in this way can be a combination of short chain polymer and fabric better together.Using the iCVD coating process, which does not require any liquid and is carried out at low temperatures, it is possible to produce a very thin and uniform coating along the outline of the fiber without clogging up the voids in the fabric.If you want to enhance water resistance, you can also do a sandblasting on the surface of the fabric.The most challenging aspect of the project was to find the optimal combination of coating durability and iCVD process compatibility to achieve the optimal performance of the coating.

The waterproof coating is widely used, in addition to the general chemical fiber fabrics, but also can be used for cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other natural fiber fabrics waterproof treatment, and even can do on paper waterproof treatment, and in addition to waterproof, its water repellent to soy sauce, ketchup, coffee and other liquids are effective.


Water repellent effect on water and soy sauce

(source: textile herald)

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