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Innovative Cases of the Development and Application of Fancy Yarns

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In recent years, fancy yarn products have been changing with each passing day, and the application fields have been expanding.A research report shows that the global fancy yarn market will reach 25.1 billion yuan in 2020, and it is expected to reach 33.6 billion yuan by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.3%.Fancy yarns provide designers with a rich source of inspiration for their advantages in material diversity, innovative structure and unique appearance, and thus become the focus of popular fabric design at home and abroad.


Based on this, the editorial department of this journal has introduced the knowledge of various types of fancy yarns by stages in the previous column. At the same time, in the research and promotion of fancy yarns, many enterprises in my country have been insisting on innovative product development and launched many fancy yarn products with different characteristics. This issue will focus on the introduction of innovative product cases of fancy yarns.


Through the combination of 35% superfine alpaca wool, 35% RWS wool, and 30% recycled polyester fiber, starting from a minimalist attitude to life, the yarn is given green and environmentally friendly characteristics. At the same time, the natural color of alpaca is used to create a random gradient brushed yarn with natural tiger pattern effect, which is rich in wool and fluffy and light to the touch.



Using pure cashmere as raw material, with a unique chain structure to bring a sense of flow and texture, moderate flexibility suitable for the shape of clothing profile; No twist design with loose woven structure, perfect display of round, full yarn characteristics, enhance the overall texture of clothing.



With 93% cashmere, 4% 3% polyamide fiber, polyester fiber as raw materials, pay attention to consumer demands of natural fiber and fashionable appearance, exquisite and soft cashmere and romantic fashion mini bead piece, the combination of yarn micro stereo superposition of the surface appearance of the secretive light metal feeling, soft, fluffy wool bring delicate and practical quality, meet the needs of the many seasonal clothing.


At present, multi-functional compound fancy yarn has become one of the mainstream trends in the market. Through the introduction of diversified raw materials and the development of complex technology, the fancy yarn products presented are novel in pattern, unique in style, delicate, and have different visual effects and feel.

Loop yarn series

(1) Small circle yarn: with soft feel, small and dense circle, can be used in curtains, sand and other household textiles;

(2) High precision and high density loop yarn: tight and wear-resistant, with small and even loops, can be widely used in all kinds of decorative textiles;

(3) Wool looped yarn: by adding 30% New Zealand wool, the yarn has bright color, softer feel and better wear resistance, which is very suitable for decorative textiles.


Big belly yarn series

(1) Spray color big belly yarn: it can be made into different effects of single bale and double bale. The double bale is more wear-resistant, the yarn has a stronger three-dimensional sense and the waveform is larger. 

(2) Multi-color long fiber big belly yarn: by evenly mixing 4~6 fibers of similar colors, the yarn prepared has good wear resistance and is mainly used in decorative fabrics; 

(3) Flax long-fiber loop yarn: by combining the preparation process of big bellie yarn and loop yarn, and adding wool, flax, acrylic fiber, polyester and other raw materials, the overall yarn presents a natural color mixing effect.


Color-absorbing Chenille

By adding new absorbent fibers to the natural chenille yarn, the yarn has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light and changing color, which can be widely used in a variety of clothing textiles and household textiles.


Our company is a professional yarn factory with 20 years of experience. 

Our factory mainly produces the following products:


2)DTY(nylon/polyester dty yarn)

3)spandex covered yarn(air/machine)

4)rubber covered yarn(spandex/latex)

5)polyester high elastic yarn(polyester 75/36/2 yarn)

6)high elastic yarn(nylon 70/24/2 yarn)

7)spandex(30d spandex yarn/40d spandex yarn/70d spandex yarn/140d spandex yarn)

In addition to the above products, we can also sell fancy yarn.

(Source:China Textile Leader)

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