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Home textile products three major development directions

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As one of the three terminal textile industries, home textile industry is a traditional livelihood industry, a creative industry integrating science and art, and a fashion industry creating a better life. It plays an important role in stimulating the growth of domestic demand, promoting employment and building ecological civilization. Throughout the development of home textile industry in the past 20 years, home textiles have gradually developed towards diversification, intellectualization and conceptualization, reflecting technological innovation and technological progress everywhere.

Product diversification

In bedding fabric, the product is full of beautiful things in eyes, from the initial ordinary polyester/cotton, pure cotton printing fabrics gradually to new functional fiber and special material development of high-end fabrics, such as bamboo pulp fiber, hemp, polylactic acid fiber and milk protein fiber and soybean protein fiber and other natural health, green environmental protection, biodegradable, recyclable materials are increasingly applied to home textile products. Comfortable and healthy fabrics including flax, tencel TM, graphene modified fiber and taiji stone fiber, functional fabrics such as antibacterial and anti-mite fabrics, high-support and high-density yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics and coat-leather MATS were created to adapt to consumer upgrading.


In cloth art kind product respect, the product such as cloth art of curtain, sofa is more diversiform, from the respect such as design of pattern design, fabrics research and development begins to develop toward science and technology vogue direction. Jacquard, printing, embroidery, embossing, bronzing, flocking and other processes to make the product more artistic; Traditional culture combines modern technology and aesthetics to display the cultural deposits of home textile products; Sunshade, flame retardant, easy to care after finishing technology application more mature and flexible; At the same time, the promotion and popularization of finished curtains make product design transition from extremely luxurious to extremely simple, and make consumption more rational.


In terms of towel products, towel technology has gradually developed from weaving, cutting wool, non-twist yarn and other traditional technologies to gauze tissue, honeycomb tissue, weak twist technology and non-woven technology, which make the products become more environmentally friendly and comfortable. Raw materials are also more diversified, in addition to the mainstream of the whole cotton products, superfine fiber, bamboo pulp fiber, hemp fiber, chitin fiber, lessel fiber and other new fiber applications are more and more extensive.


Intelligent product development

With the arrival of the Internet information age, home textile products are also gradually given more black technology. A lot of light and durable, small and handy microelectronic modules, such as the sensor module and control module that can detect temperature, humidity, illumination, poisonous gas and home textiles, can realize the intelligent regulation of temperature, humidity, light, air quality. In addition, can also be able to change according to the environment, their own needs and automatically adjust the environment temperature, humidity and air freshness of the integrated circuit miniature products installed in household textiles, to meet the entertainment, communication, health care requirements. For example, modules with functions of observing and detecting human heartbeat, respiration, blood pressure, electroencephalogram and electrocardiogram are installed in the intelligent mattress to monitor daily sleep information and realize health monitoring and alarm function, which is more suitable for special patients, elderly people with mobility inconvenience and infants.


With the development and promotion of iot ecology, household textiles, as an ecological port closely related to human beings, can not only provide comfortable sleep in the future, but also be the carrier and bridge for a better life. The future application prospects of intelligent home textiles are unlimited.

Product conceptualization development

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of consumers' cognition, the release of home textile products presents a new trend of overall conceptualization. For example, since jiangsu jinsun textile technology co., ltd. put forward the concept of "deep sleep" in 2015, it successively released a series of new products of warm velvet for deep sleep in 2016. In 2017, the autumn and winter new products of "ingenuity · deep sleep" and the spring and summer new products of "nature · deep sleep" series were released. The new product "design and enjoy deep sleep" released in 2018 closely revolves around the research and development concept of "deep sleep". The home textile products launched by the enterprise in 2019 are gradually developing towards younger age, mainly targeting at the potential major consumer groups after the 1990s and 2000s, and the product positioning is more clear.


Healthy home textile, deep sleep, younger home textile product design concept needs to be realized through the means of science and technology and continuous research and development. Therefore, the diversity, intelligence and conceptualization of home textile products not only has a strong brand of The Times, but also ADAPTS to the scientific and technological progress and product innovation in the new era.

For more information, please pay attention to "the future trend of new home textile integrating technology and fashion development", the 8th issue of 2019.

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