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High performance fiber material for a decrypted wing suit

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BMW has unveiled the world's first electrically-powered wing suit after completing the Electrically-powered wing suit flying challenge with professional skydiver Peter Salzmann in Austria. Although the aim is to promote BMW's own pure electric technology, the key components of wing suit flight are actually made of high-performance fiber.


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Wingsuit flight, also known as short-range skygliding, can be divided into dynamic flight and non-dynamic flight from the perspective of dynamics, with non-dynamic flight being the majority. Flying from tall buildings, towers, Bridges, cliffs, helicopters, flying close to the high buildings or natural landscape, by the Angle of the outstretched limbs and body Angle to control the flight direction and speed.

The wing suit is a rammed inflatable air bag made of nylon with strong toughness and tension. In particular, a large, strong, flexible membrane is sewn between the legs, arms and torso of the flying sports suit. When the flier is airborne, he spreads his pteryx by spreading his arms and legs. When air enters the fin-like air sacs, it inflates the garment into a wing shape, thus generating buoyancy. In this way you can fly in the air, and then control the height and direction of the flight by moving your body.The wing fabric needs to be light, soft, compact, breathable, and able to withstand the impact of wind speed close to 300km/h, which tests the strength and tear resistance of the fabric. To a certain extent, the performance requirements of the wing fabric are similar to those of the parachute garment.

Fiber material: high performance polyamide 66 filament can be selected. In general, the strength of ordinary polyamide filament is about 5.0cN/ Dtex and that of high-strength polyamide filament is about 6.9cN/ Dtex. Taking the high-strength nylon 66 filament of 30D/ 10F as an example, its single filament strength can reach 7.5cN/ DTEX.

Structure: It can refer to the structure of typical umbrella fabric. Based on the plain weave, a set of yarns are added at certain intervals in the warp and weft to interweave with heavy and square weave, in order to enhance the tearing resistance of fabric. In terms of fabric density, the warp and weft density usually needs to be greater than 500 /10cm to weave a high-density structure.


Dyeing and finishing process: In order to ensure the speed stability of small and medium air permeability during the descent, calendering is usually used.Design and Production: At present, wing suit flight is still a minority sport. Due to the increased danger and difficulty, it is extremely challenging and adventurous, which is called "the most extreme sport in the world". To a large extent, the development of wing suit flight suit is limited, and there are only no more than 10 large manufacturers in the world. Wing suit needs to be designed according to the height and weight of the pilot, such as wingspan, air intake, and supporting force. Therefore, it can only be customized for production.

In addition, wingmounted flying helmets are generally made of a high-performance fiber material, carbon fiber composite material, which can satisfy high strength, but also more lightweight.

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