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Have you heard of a suit that mimics photosynthesis?

Time : 2021-12-06 Hits : 19

In the face of the "fast food" consumption of fashion and the resulting environmental pollution and destruction, the fashion industry is setting off a new wave of seeking change. The application of biotechnology in clothing has become a hot topic for designers to explore.Designers are trying to come up with environmentally stylish solutions using emerging technologies in a sustainable way. Iranian-canadian designer Roya Aghighi recently released an algae-based outerwear titled 'Biogarmentry'.


Roya Aghighi has developed clothing made from algae with the help of a team of scientists from the University of British Columbia.


The results of a collaborative experiment showed that spinning chlamydomonas rheinophyllum with the nanopolymer resulted in a mixture similar to that of flax. After continuous exploration, the designer succeeded in creating "the first non-woven photosynthetic textile". It's a breathing creature that needs to be watered and maintained like a plant. Sounds a bit too magical?


With the common environmental sustainable textile materials on the market, because this clothes containing chlamydomonas, in the sun, it will be independent for photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen in the air, placing it in the sun, to a certain extent, also can purify the air around the wearer, this magical creatures clothing, finished the diagram below:



It is understood that wearing it means that you need to be extra careful when wearing and cleaning. You even need to refer to the way of taking care of plants, watering water once a week and carefully caring for this "biological clothing" to keep it alive and not prematurely "wither". Of course, when the decision is made to discard the biometric costume, it can also be composted without creating any waste or pollution. If there is a similar product in the future, would you like to adopt one?


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