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Have you ever seen artificial fibers that look like penguin fluff?

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Natural fibers (such as spider silk, animal feather, etc.) are popular in the textile field because of their unique structure, and some of their structures are difficult to imitate by chemical synthetic fibers.Penguin feathers, for example, are fibrous forms with individual branches that play an important role in protecting them from the cold.However, no such structural fibers have been reported in synthetic fiber systems and their properties are unknown.


Recently, professor Andreas Greiner's team at the university of bayreuth, Germany, combined coaxial electrospinning with triamide fiber self-assembly (bottom-up) to produce polystyrene meso nanofiber wire-nonwovens with the unique shape and properties of penguin feather fluff fibers.


When applied to filter aerosol particles of 0.3 microns, the nanofiber wirecloth has a filtration efficiency of 99.8%, which is significantly improved compared with pure electrospun polystyrene nanofiber membrane (filtration efficiency is about 52.6%).

Higher filtration efficiency usually requires higher energy consumption and pressure drop loss.However, there was no pressure drop loss and energy consumption in the filtration process of the villous nanofiber nonwovens in this experiment, which was mainly attributed to the special structure of electrospun nonwovens.


Therefore, electrospun branched fibers with supramolecular fibers provide a new idea for the construction of new mesoporous nonwovens, which have unique morphology and performance characteristics and have potential application prospects in filtration, catalysis and energy storage.


Related research results were published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials under the title of "Mesostructured Nonwovens with Penguin Downy feather-like Morphology -- top-down Combined with bottom-up".The thesis links:

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