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DTY can do rubber covered yarn

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DTY is a novel sort of yarn composed of strands of various materials that may be mixed to make various types of fabric. This simplifies the process of developing different materials because you don't have to master multiple knitting technique


How to attach rubber covers to the DTY yarn?

There are several methods for attaching rubber coverings to DTY yarn. One method is to use a hot glue gun to attach the rubber covers to the yarn before you begin knitting. After you've finished knitting, use a needle and thread to stitch the rubber coverings onto the yarn. Whatever way you pick, make sure to follow the directions that come with your individual rubber cover kit to ensure a successful project!

How to weave rubber covers into the fabric?

If you want to add a rubber cover to your knitted project, there are a few options. The simplest method is to weave the rubber cover into the fabric before beginning to knit. This procedure is most effective when the rubber cover is thin and flexible. After you've finished knitting, you can try sewing the rubber cover onto the fabric. This procedure is most effective when the rubber cover is thick and firm.



If you're seeking for a yarn that can be knitted with Spandex or rubber covered yarn, DTY yarn can be an excellent choice. This yarn is a combination of acrylic and wool, making it tough and durable while also having amazing movement and drape. If you're interested in attempting this type of yarn, check out our selection first to see if there's a project that might be ideal for it.

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