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Development status of traditional shirt fabric

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As a kind of professional wear, shirt is a symbol of modesty and preciseness. In the early days, shirts were dressed in coats in the form of underwear, mostly in white, and the cleanliness of collar and sleeve was the main basis for judging their social status.


The characteristics of traditional shirt fabrics are mainly reflected in their complementary advantages in performance, such as the combination of chemical fibers、6 nylon yarn and natural fibers, cellulose fibers and protein fibers, and the application of new improved fibers in traditional shirt fabrics. Two different characteristics of the fiber to complement each other, in the best form to complete the fiber combination, can form complementary advantages of the shirt fabric.


The blending and interweaving of cotton with synthetic fibers such as polyester yarn and acrylic, and the blending of polyester with fibers such as wool and viscose can produce complementary advantages of different characteristics.For example, polyester can improve the wrinkle-resistant and crisp performance of pure cotton fabric, and cotton fiber can improve the moisture absorption performance and anti-pilling performance of fabric.


Cotton 60%, polyester 40%

Acrylic fiber and cotton fiber blended or interwoven, acrylic fiber can improve the warmth of pure cotton fabric, give it fluffy soft characteristics.


Cotton 52%, acrylic 29%, viscose 19%

Natural fibers such as cotton, flax, silk and wool are interwoven through different combinations and blending ratios, so as to give play to the characteristics of each fiber and complement each other's advantages of various materials.

Such as cotton/silk interwoven liquid ammonia finishing high-grade shirt fabric, after special liquid ammonia treatment, in addition to have the silk feel, luster, drape, but also has good cotton wrinkle resistance and excellent color fastness, fabric bright color, feel soft, comfortable to wear, is one of the first choice of high-grade shirt fabric.

Between natural cellulose fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber also can form some form of optimum combination, such as cotton fiber and tencel TM is combined, the two excellent character such as breathable close skin complement each other, only need to add a small amount of tencel TM in cotton can change the fabric luster, handle, drape characterization of perception, so as to meet the needs of different consumer audience.


Cotton 75%, tencel 25%

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