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Development status and application prospect of electronic intelligent textiles (iii) -- intelligent textiles for sports and health monitoring

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The biggest advantage of wearable health monitoring system is that it can carry out uninterrupted real-time monitoring over a long period of time. In addition, while traditional electrocardiogram (ECG) and electromyogram (EMG) monitoring systems use conductive gels, which can irritate the skin and degrade signal quality, the electrodes in the wearable health monitoring system are attached to the skin through a highly elastic fabric, which is more comfortable and somewhat noise-canceling. Textile sensors have been used to monitor various health signals, including ECG, EMG, respiratory rate, etc., and are widely used in sports and health care.

At present, flat foot, diabetic foot and other diseases seriously troubled the patient population. Smart Socks and their derived smart shoes, diabetes shoes, etc., can monitor the condition of patients' feet, provide them with alarm data, and realize early detection and treatment. If the pressure state can be adjusted according to needs and foot diseases can be corrected, real intelligence will be realized, and the research of flexible sensor will be the key breakthrough. Textile and clothing, the Hong Kong polytechnic university research team developed a pressure sensor and temperature and humidity sensor intelligent integration of new fabric shoes (figure 1), the matrix's fabric by sole pressure sensor monitoring human plantar pressure distribution, plantar pressure value or at a pressure time integral value more than the normal level, provide warning for people with diabetes. At the same time, it can help people at high risk of diabetic foot to protect the intact foot.


Figure 1 Diabetes alert smart shoes with pressure and temperature and humidity sensors

Capacitive textile materials can be used for physiological monitoring of medical care and are ideal materials for monitoring products of rehabilitation AIDS. Pressure ulcers are the main problem of bedridden elderly or patients, but the prevention and alarm measures of pressure ulcers are few. At present, the pressure of most anti-pressure sore pads only changes according to the alternation of time and cannot be adjusted according to the indication or the monitoring of skin condition. DARMA's "Vital Signs Monitoring Pad" uses fiber optic sensing technology and is placed under the mattress to monitor vital signs such as heart rate and respiratory rate of people in bed in real time, and provide alarm for abnormal data and bed-leaving. Meanwhile, a long-term personal health database is established and disease warning is carried out in combination with big data (Figure 2 and 3).


FIG. 2 Vital signs monitoring pad


FIG. 3 DARMA vital signs monitoring pad applied to mattress

According to Engadget, a smart seat called "Darma" (Figure 4) uses sensors 1 mm thick to monitor the user's tiny body movements and vital signs, including heart rate, breathing patterns and even sitting posture, to determine the user's stress level.


Figure 4. Darma Smart seat

In addition, in the sports health sector, Victoria's Secret has released the Smart Sports bra (FIG. 5), which has a built-in heart rate band that monitors the wearer's heart rate. In 2016, Hexoskin, a Canadian company, launched a new smart sports vest called "Intimate Data Lab" (Figure 6), which can monitor data such as heart rate, respiration and activity intensity, provide users with data during physical training, sleep and daily activities, and can be connected to a mobile terminal through Bluetooth (Figure 7). Sensoria's sensors can be used to monitor running speed, distance and pace. They can also record the pressure on a user's foot in real time, helping to identify vulnerable running patterns.


Picture 5. Victoria's Secret Smart Sports Bra/p>


Figure 6. Hexoshin Sports vest


FIG. 7 Sensoria smart sensor

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