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Carbon nanotube fiber whose strength exceeded arylon fiber and electrical conductivity exceeded 10MS/m for the first time

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Carbon nanotube fiber (CNTF) has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and multifunction, etc. As a new generation of special fiber material, it has great strategic significance for the development of high-end technology. Although the world has not yet formed carbon nanofibers and composite materials industry, but the academia generally believe that it will become the next generation of new high-strength fiber materials.


Recently, Matteo Pasquali et al. of Rice University in the United States used carbon nanotubes of higher quality and longer length to make carbon nanotube fibers by solution spinning. The fibers are not only light in weight, but also have good mechanical, electrical and flexible properties.


It is reported that the young's modulus, average elongation at break and tensile strength of the CNTS fiber prepared by the researchers were 260GPa, 3.5% and 4.2GPa, far higher than Kevlar® 's 3.6GPa. Moreover, its conductivity has been improved to 10.9ms /m, about 80% of copper, which is also the first time that the conductivity of carbon nanotube fiber has broken through 10MS/m.


By comparing the properties of the carbon nanotube fiber with carbon fiber, directly spun carbon nanotube fiber, polymer fiber and metal, the researchers found that the carbon nanotube fiber prepared in this experiment perfectly combines the tensile strength of commercial carbon fiber with the electrical conductivity of directly spun carbon nanotube fiber similar to metal, and has excellent thermal conductivity.


The carbon nanotube fibers, which have tens of millions of nanotubes across a cross-section, are being studied for Bridges to repair damaged hearts, electronic interfaces to the brain, cochlear implants, flexible antennas, and automotive and aerospace applications. However, it is still a great challenge to improve the production rate and reduce the production cost of carbon nanotubes.

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