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Can realize hydrophilic hydrophobic conversion! This cotton fabric is good for separating oil from water

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Environmental protection law enforcement of sewage discharge in China has been gradually involved from large pollution discharge enterprises to food processing and catering enterprises, and the demand for oil and water separation is becoming more and more obvious. Starting from the development of new functional materials, the elimination of oil and water pollution by means of adsorption or separation has gradually become a hotspot.


Recently, Professor Zhao Changsheng's research group of Sichuan University made use of the property that ionic liquid polymer (PIL) can realize the conversion of hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, and prepared a bidirectional oil-water separation material with switchable hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. The relevant paper has been published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials, "Design of Poly Ionic liquids Modified Cotton Fabric with ion species-triggered Bidirectional oil-Water Separation Performance". Using cotton fabric as the base material, the researchers first grafted PIL on the GO sheet layer by free radical polymerization, and then introduced the GO modified by PIL into the fiber surface of cotton fabric by coating.


The switch between hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of the modified cotton fabric can be realized by ion exchange of a specific kind: when the corresponding ion of the modified cotton fabric is hydrophilic ion, the water contact Angle of the fabric is 0°; When the corresponding ion is hydrophobic, the water contact Angle of the fabric is about 145°.


Hydrophilic cotton cloth can effectively intercept the oil phase in the oil-water mixture: when the oil-water mixture is poured into the device containing modified cotton cloth, the water phase will flow through the cotton cloth rapidly within a few seconds, and the oil phase will be blocked.


When the cotton cloth is switched to the hydrophobic state by exchanging corresponding ions, the cotton cloth can effectively shut off the water phase in the oil-water mixture: during the separation experiment, the oil phase will flow through the cotton cloth rapidly within a few seconds, but the water phase will be blocked. At the same time, this switching function has good stability and repeatability.


Such intelligent two-way oil-water separation film with switching function enables a separation material to be suitable for both oil-water separation requirements of "oil-remove" or "water-remove", and enables separation materials to be able to pollute the environment with more complex and flexible oil-water.

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