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Analyze the six development directions of knitting equipment technology from ITMA 2019

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ITMA has always been a grand event for textile machinery manufacturers, as well as the launch of new technologies for some of the world's leading textile machinery companies. In this ITMA 2019 exhibition, the majority of knitting machinery manufacturers will participate in the number of samples, varieties, features and technical highlights. The new knitting machine is developing rapidly in the direction of high efficiency, variety differentiation, network management and intelligent products, etc. The following is a detailed description of the main development direction of knitting equipment technology in recent years from six aspects.

Knitting short process production technology

German meyer-west demonstrated a circular knitting machine that combines spinning and knitting, which can shorten the production process and obtain special effects of knitting products. Meyer, who is on display at the Spinit 3.0 E spinning - one-piece single-sided jacquard circular knitting machine, the machine integrating spinning and knitting, dispense with ring spinning, clean and compounding process, shorten the process, can online induction and automatically clean, which can realize online real-time adjustment ratio of article yarn, yarn linear density, and the formation of the stripes, such as regular or irregular jacquard weaving.


Knitting forming and weaving technology

With the increasing shortage of labor force and the increase of labor cost, as well as the great work intensity of some positions in the process of knitting production and processing, production labor is increasingly in short supply. In this context, knitting forming knitting technology has become a promising development direction. In terms of equipment technology of circular weft knitting, sm8-tr1s single-sided seamless round machine exhibited in santony is a representative one, which can be used for knitting underwear, jackets, sportswear and other fully formed seamless garments. In flat knitting machine and equipment technology, the representative has exhibited stoll ADF 24 ki 830 - W type and CMS 830 ki wearable computer flat knitting machine weaving, shima seiki display type MACH2VS213 fully-fashioned flat knitting machine computer, respectively by woven wearable technology, Wholegarment ® four needle bed fully fashioned knitting technology and so on, can complete the whole forming knitting a sweater clothing, eliminating expensive and time-consuming for orders after suture, true fully-fashioned three-dimensional woven.


Warp knitting traverse control technique

With the continuous development of computer technology and motion control technology, which has been widely applied to all kinds of knitting machine control and drive mechanism, such as computer flat knitting machine head drive/transverse/yarn, warp knitting machine, let off/stripping comb transversal/pull, warp knitting machine of the electronic stripping comb transverse control requirement of high precision, fast response, over the years has been the bottleneck of restricting the comprehensive numerical control high speed warp knitting machine. The HKS 3-m ON high speed tricot warp knitting machine exhibited by Carl meyer at this exhibition is equipped with electronic comb bar traverse device with a production speed up to 2 900 r/min, clearing the last hurdle for full computerized control of the tricot warp knitting machine.

Warp knitting 4D jacquard technology

The RDPJ 6/2 EL double needle bed double jacca warp knitting machine exhibited by Karl meyer in this exhibition can be used to produce fabrics with a variety of 4D pattern on the front and back sides. The shape, position and height of concave and convex three-dimensional pattern can be adjusted freely. Small gentle relief appearance or concave and convex large three-dimensional design can be produced; In addition, the mesh can be freely distributed according to the design needs to obtain breathable or transparent effect.


Knitting intelligent sensing technology

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of material living standards and the continuous progress of science and technology, the application of intelligent clothing is more and more widespread, with huge market potential. Carl meyer shows off a smart T-shirt made from pure warp knitting. This T-shirt is based on two-way elastic warp knitted fabric, the warp knitting production through wire comb flower jacquard technology to the accurate position of the desired by functional fibers formed on warp knitting temperature sensor, warp knitting humidity sensor, textile flexible electrode and wire and other electronic components, and integration for the whole of the flexible sensing system, thus constituted a can be used for monitoring the movement personnel's heart rate, body temperature and humidity of smart clothing.


Knitting Internet application technology

Carl meyer shows its increasingly mature KM. ON the remote service system, such as HKS 3 - M ON tricot type high speed warp knitting machine and RSJ ON 4/1 type of jacquard warp knitting machine are links to KM. The system ON network, by Kevin Everett sat y connected to the machine safely protected the cloud, the user can at any time and place can check the factory's actual production data, and easily realize the remote service and maintenance, improve the machine production efficiency.


Stoll demonstrated the Knitelligence® system, which encompasses the entire sweater production chain with personalized push and pattern and production management, from quick photo samples to knitting procedures. Artwork is processed for design pictures, GKS braid push system is used for pattern creation and push code, M1PLUS and SIN files are automatically created, which are then entered into PPS production planning system to control, plan and optimize production. Finally, production is carried out in EKC (extended braid control system) according to requirements, and the intermediate process does not need manual control.

For more information, please pay attention to "the latest development of knitting equipment technology -- comments on knitting machines at ITMA 2019 international textile machinery exhibition", issue 10 of "textile guide".

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